The Fire People live in an itinerant comet. Once each 1 million years, the comet will return in such a way that the Fire People will come to steal radium from Earth and leave the planet, releasing a tremendous explosion that will cause the human civilization to disappear.

Powers and Abilities



  • Fire People wears advanced technology, even to current standards. When nor all of them might have knowledge to develop these devices, it is reasonable to assume that at least some of them knows Science, Gadgetry, and Aviation.


  • Vulnerability to excessive heat: The fire creatures were supposed to produce heat below 3,000 °C, in such a way that the heat of carbon arc (or greater) was precisely their weakness.
  • Code of Honor: Fire People will prefer to destroy themselves than be captured.


Level of Technology:



  • Kmago (Deceased)
  • Kurdo (Deceased)
  • Nkasi (Deceased)
  • Xlki (Deceased)
  • Xtok (Deceased)
  • Xzox (Deceased)
  • Yrni (Deceased)
  • Zbat (Deceased)
  • Zbtor (Deceased)

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