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 Fire Trolls are creatures that lived in a volcano beneath the earth.


A fissure in some underwater volcanoes opened which allowed the Fire Trolls to escape into the ocean.

After an attack on his home, Aquaman tried to find ways to stop the trolls. The trolls also attacked an island-located American military base, which contained missiles. Even the military base's weapons could not stop the trolls. Aquaman figured intense cold might be able to stop them. He went to a mainland laboratory to find a chemical that could freeze the creatures.

After trying the chemical Aquaman found that it didn't work; it only slowed the trolls down. The trolls then tried to dispose of the chemical but it spilled onto Aquaman and Aqualad, who were frozen. Quisp, an extra dimensional ally, sent an energy beam at Aquaman and Aqualad which shrank them. In need of water, Aquaman tricked a pelican into dropping some on he and Aqualad. The shrinking effect was only temporary; both grew larger with each step on their way back to the ocean.

They met with Quisp who told them trolls took all of the missiles. The trolls planned to use the explosives to destroy the volcanoes and to become the masters of the planet. Aquaman sent Quisp to distract the Fire Trolls by leading them back to the island. Once there he covered them with freeze solution again and Quisp used a repelling ray to shrink them. They then took the trolls back to the fissure and attempted to close it for good.



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