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The Fury of Firestorm, the Nuclear Man was published from 19821990 comprising a total of one-hundred issues and five Annuals. With issue number 50, the cover title of the series changed to Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, the same title that the first, short-lived series carried.

According to indicia, the official title of the series was The Fury of Firestorm from issues #1-64, Firestorm the Nuclear Man from #65-92, and Firestorm (Volume 2) from #93-100. For simplicity's sake, the series is indexed as simply Firestorm (Volume 2).

The first half of the series was written by Firestorm's creator Gerry Conway. Starting in 1987, John Ostrander took over as the main writer and took the book in a different direction, putting the hero through a number of changes in personality and appearance.