"Terminal Velocity!": Ronnie and Stein, merged together as Firestorm, were riding a roller coaster called Cyclone on Coney Island, much to the professor's dismay as the latter's friend, Belle Haney, was in danger. While Firestorm rode t

Firestorm (Volume 2) #24 is an issue of the series Firestorm (Volume 2) with a cover date of June, 1984.

Appearing in "Terminal Velocity!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Firehawk
  • Belle Bonner/Belle Haney
  • Frank Bonner


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Terminal Velocity!"

Ronnie and Stein, merged together as Firestorm, were riding a roller coaster called Cyclone on Coney Island, much to the professor's dismay as the latter's friend, Belle Haney, was in danger. While Firestorm rode the roller coaster, they heard a cry of help from a woman who was dangling from a swing ride as it started to collapse. Firestorm intervened and used his powers to make a giant pillow and a slide to make sure that the riders got down safely. Meanwhile, Firehawk, who witnessed Firestorm save the riders, asked if she could talk with them. Suddenly, Stein alerted them that there were drones launching missiles at them. Firestorm and Firehawk destroyed the missiles as the latter informed the former that she came to them for help against the drones. Firehawk informed them that whoever sent the drones did not intend to kill them. Meanwhile, in a dark chamber, Clarissa Clemens was observing Firestorm and Firehawk battle the drones. Clarissa intended to capture Firehawk, as she claimed that the hero's powers were theirs by right and that Firestorm was "simply a bonus". Firestorm insisted that they and Firehawk helped each other with their problems. Firestorm insisted that their problem be solved first as they claimed that it had to be solved by midnight.

Firestorm and Firehawk transformed back into their civilian guises and went to Blythe Bonner's residence in Uptown Manhattan. Lorraine claimed that it was the first time she saw Ronnie when he was not Firestorm. Ronnie rang the doorbell and was answered by Blythe's brother, Barney. Barney informed Lorraine and Ronnie that only him and his father were inside the residence. Barney showed the two inside, where they found Frank, Barney and Blythe's father and Ronnie's drama coach, asleep on the couch, holding a picture in his arms. Ronnie noticed that the woman in the picture was Belle Haney. Ronnie and Lorraine saw Barney's advanced computers that he received from his mother, who worked at Concordance Research. Suddenly, Blythe appeared, lashing out at her brother for inviting Ronnie to their house. Blythe expelled Ronnie and Lorraine from her residence.

Lorraine and Ronnie walked through the park, where the latter introduced her to Doreen, Cliff, and Jefferson.

In Stein's lab in Concordance Research, Stein attempted to make coffee with beakers and test tubes. However, he dropped the test tube as Ronnie arrived and merged with him to become Firestorm.

Firestorm and Firehawk arrived at the Manhattan General Hospital, looking for Belle Haney. Stein implied that the woman in Frank's picture, may only simply resemble Belle. When the heroes arrived at the computer diagnostic center of the hospital, they encountered Belle Haney, who also happened to be Belle Bonner, proving Ronnie's suspicions to be true. Firehawk informed Belle that Barney and Blythe may be involved in something "awful" and asked for information on them and herself. Belle confessed that she had not seen her children in almost ten years.

Ten years ago, Barney and Blythe held computer wires in their hands, much to their mother's disapproval. The two ignored her and plugged in the wires, getting electrocuted. Belle attempted to stop her children, but was electrocuted as well. Belle and her children were frightened but unharmed. When Frank arrived in the room and saw what had happened, he ordered his wife to leave the house. As Belle told Firehawk and Firestorm her story, two giant hands, which belonged to Blythe came out of a computer. Barney appeared and revealed that after getting electrocuted, he gained the ability to becoming part of any computer and reach through a phone line and that Blythe had gained the ability to become pure electricity. Barney and Blythe attempted to fight Firestorm and Firehawk in order to take their mother with them. Blythe took her mother with her inside a computer, turning them both into electricity.

Firehawk insisted that she and Firestorm followed Belle and her children into the computer. Stein insisted that Ronnie could alter their atomic structure and that of Firehawk's in order to enter the computer. Ronnie did as Stein suggested and they both entered the computer along with Firehawk. Firestorm and Firehawk encountered Barney. Firestorm realized that their fire blasts could not hit Barney, as he was protected by an electrical field, deflecting the blast. Firehawk fired another blast of fire, which was also deflected onto Firestorm. Upon Stein's advisement, his partner and their female companion combined their energies in order to destroy Barney's protective shield. Barney, who could not withstand the strength of the heroes' combined powers, fled from the computer, into the Bonner residence, leaving behind his sister and mother. Next, the heroes focused their attention of Blythe. The heroes were able to save Belle from her daughter and followed her out of the computer, into the Bonner residence. Blythe ordered Barney to shut down the computer in order to kill the heroes and their mother. Barney hesitated to shut down the computer, as he had second thoughts. Blythe, then attempted to shut down the computer, but intervened, pushing her away, declaring that he was tired of being ordered around by her. In response, Blythe mortally wounded her brother with an electric blast. The heroes were able to escape the computer with Belle. Frank saw them inside the room and noticed his daughter, who flew past him and fled the battle. Frank and Belle approached their son as he died. The heroes walked out of the house, past an electrical outlet, which was where Blythe had escaped to.

Appearing in "Blue Devil"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Fred Klein (First appearance)
  • Unidentified actors and film crew members (Unnamed)
  • The Flash (Mentioned only)
  • Superman (Mentioned only)




  • None

Synopsis for "Blue Devil"

James Jesse and Gopher were in different locations, both reading an article of Dan Cassidy's activities as the Blue Devil in the magazine Stuntman. Jesse wanted Cassidy's suit while Gopher was called by Cassidy to look at his mechanical Blue Devil suit. Suddenly, Marla Bloom entered the room and informed Cassidy that she wanted him in his suit for shooting promotional stills. Cassidy responded that he needed to finish working on the suit. Gopher suggested that Wayne Tarrant wear the non-mechanical suit. Cassidy approved of the idea while Marla was doubtful.

Later, Marla asked Wayne to wear the Blue Devil suit and was turned down. Sharon Scott and Marla continued to insist that Wayne wear the suit. Wayne continued to decline and suggested that Norm Paxton wear the suit. Norm declined because it was not part of his job description. Marla stormed out and ordered Wayne to wear the suit. Wayne asked Sharon if she wanted to have dinner with him; the woman responded that she would never date her co-stars. Wayne asked if it was because of Cassidy; the woman responded that she and Cassidy were only close friends. Wayne commented that he hoped that Sharon and Cassidy were only close friends because he believed that there would be an age gap between the two. Sharon angrily told Wayne that her romantic life was none of his business and stormed out.

Outside the gates of the Vernor Brothers Studios, Fred Klein, a security guard, was conversing with James Jesse, who had acquired employment at Associated Pictures. Jesse informed Fred that he was "just there to steal the Blue Devil costume." Fred assumed that Jesse was joking and informed him that he could not allow an employee of a rival studio to enter. Jesse took out a spray and attacked Fred.

Meanwhile, at the back-lot of the studio, a photographer was taking shots of Wayne in the Blue Devil costume, appearing to be frightening Sharon. Marla told Wayne that he did a terrible job acting as the Blue Devil. During their conversation, the Trickster grabbed Wayne in the Blue Devil costume with a fishing net, kidnapping him. Gopher, who witnessed Jesse kidnap Wayne, went to inform Dan. Gopher said that he would alert the police while Dan fought the Trickster. Dan protested the idea of him fighting the Trickster, but Gopher said that the actor should dress up as the Blue Devil. Cassidy stormed out of the studio to fight the Trickster.

The Trickster, who still had Wayne in his grasp, ran across the rooftops and noticed that another Blue Devil was following them. The Trickster stopped by the edge of a rooftop and let Wayne hang from the fishing rod. Wayne informed the Trickster that he was not Cassidy and punched him in the face. The Trickster pulled of Wayne's mask and discovered that he was not Cassidy and that the suit had no powers. Suddenly, Cassidy arrived in the mechanical Blue Devil suit and demanded that Wayne be returned to him. Cassidy and Jesse fought over the suit, with the former punching and kicking the latter while, the latter sprayed the former with the same spray he used on Fred, then trapped him in a giant slinky until he broke free. Cassidy and Jesse continued to fight until the latter yielded. Jesse revealed that he had a glass jaw. Cassidy approached Wayne, who noticed that Jesse was escaping and ordered his fellow actor to pursue the criminal. However, the criminal managed to escape Cassidy's grasp.

Later, Cassidy returned to Marla, Sharon, and Gopher at the Vernor Brothers lot.


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