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"Everybody Wants You. Part I": A bitter, young college student named Casey Krinsky reveals herself as a metahuman. She uses her powers to kill her nosy roommate, Marla.

Quote1.png For seventeen bucks an hour, I'd wear a chicken suit too. Quote2.png
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Firestorm (Volume 3) #4 is an issue of the series Firestorm (Volume 3) with a cover date of October, 2004. It was published on August 4, 2004.

Synopsis for "Everybody Wants You. Part I"

A bitter, young college student named Casey Krinsky reveals herself as a metahuman. She uses her powers to kill her nosy roommate, Marla.

Meanwhile, Jason Rusch is now working as a costumed mascot at Ho-Ho Charlie's Chicken Shack. He finds the job demeaning and embarrassing, but desperately needs the money. His father picks him up after work, and the two get into another argument.

Later, Jason walks to the park where he finds a man named Preston. He wants to let off some steam and fuses with Preston to form Firestorm. Firestorm flies off into the night, high above the skyline of Detroit.

The Martian Manhunter and the Green Lantern known as John Stewart meet up with him. They ask him who he is, and how he came upon his present powers. Jason has very little to say on the matter, and is shocked to be standing in the presence of two members of the JLA. He explains that he is not clear on the exact nature of his origin. John gives him a JLA signal device and tells Jason to call anytime he feels he needs help.

Afterwards, Firestorm discovers several wrecked vehicles in the middle of a highway. He flies down to lend some assistance, but find no trace of the vehicles occupants. He begins clearing the cars off the side of the road, when Casey Krinsky comes out to greet him. Firestorm is nervous around the young woman, and Preston whispers in his ear that this girl is mentally unsound. Casey wraps herself around Firestorm expressing a desire to "stand in his light". Nervous, Firestorm tries to take off. An explosive burst of energy spews from his body and Casey disappears. Firestorm has no idea what has happened to her.

Appearing in "Everybody Wants You. Part I"

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Other Characters:

  • Marla (Single appearance)
  • Preston (Single appearance)






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