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Quote1 That's not Aquaman, it's some poor bastard we call the Fisherman. Whoever the hell he is, he's controlled by that Xenoform that used to look like a helmet. Now I think it's that ugly #$@%'s shirt. Quote2
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The Fisherman was a person under the control of a xenoform parasite, which has the ability to take over an organism's mind and body by attaching itself to them. He was a member of the Justice Squad posing as Aquaman.

Fisherman was the current host of an alien species known as Majindaks, which are extinct on Earth 3. Once a supervillain on Earth 0, he joined the Justice Squad, a team of supervillains utilizing the identities of superheroes on Earth 3. Like all members of the Squad besides Superman, Fisherman's obedience was coerced by a surgical implant which allowed team leader Amanda Waller to cause him great pain and a bomb located in his host's neck.

Even among the fractious Squad, Fisherman was an outsider and disliked by the rest of the team. Although he could clearly understand English he either could not or would not speak to his teammates in anything but his own language.[1]

The Justice Squad were attacked by the Suicide Squad who had come from Earth 0 to arrest Waller. Fisherman was ambushed by Lor-Zod and Mirror Master. He and The Flash were ready for them and counter attacked, but Zod was able to forcibly separate the xenoform from him and kill him.[2]


  • Parasite : The Fisherman is the parasite that has attached to itself from host to host since the first Fisherman's debut. It launches itself at a target and takes over the target's mind and body once it has attached itself to the target. When possessing someone and turning that person into the newest Fisherman, the parasite takes on the appearance of a scale mail shirt.



  • Trident



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