The Five Warriors from Forever were a team of heroes from different eras assembled by the Lord of Time.


Their membership included the Black Pirate, Enemy Ace, Jonah Hex, Miss Liberty and Viking Prince. They were energized with a special force to make them powerful enough to defeat both the Justice League and the Justice Society. Realizing that his time machine the Eternity Brain had gotten out of control and would destroy all reality, the Lord of Time knew he would need the League and the Society to destroy it. He created the Five Warriors to test them and make sure they would be strong enough to defeat him. The team succeeded in devastating their enemies and left a chronal trail to lead them back to their master.[1] Eventually the Five Warriors rebelled and tried to assault the Palace of Eternity, but they were stopped by its security systems and frozen in stasis. The League brought them home using the Cosmic Treadmill after defeating the Lord of Time and destroying the Eternity Brain.[2]



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