Flamebird is a Kryptonian Goddess who acted as the destroyer of the creations of Vohc the Builder in the cycle of destruction and creation that was explained in Kryptonian Mythology.

Flamebird was originally tasked by her father and creator, Rao, to destroy whatever creations Vohc had built on Krypton in order to inspire him to create greater works. When introduced to her fellow god and brother, Nightwing, by the efforts of Vohc, Flamebird fell madly in love and established a union between the two.

After Flamebird destroyed Vohc's newest and most cherished creation against his wishes, Vohc took revenge on both Flamebird and her lover, Nightwing, by creating a spire of Kryptonian sunstone crystals that sealed away Nightwing in the Phantom Zone after Flamebird tried to destroy it.

Flamebird would eventually manifest within a physical avatar as a Kryptonian female named Thara Ak-Var.



Immunity to Gold Kryptonite



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