The Flammbronians were made of living flame, and existed on the surface of the sun for which they were named, Flammbron.


Superman briefly met them after Lex Luthor recreated the deadly Kryptonian leprosy called Virus X[1] which forced Superman to leave Earth in his funeral bier-rocket and literally fire himself into the hotest sun in the universe -- Flammbron.

Near death, Superman passed Htrae on the way to his fiery destination; where the Bizarros accidentally healed him -- in their own unique backwards way -- by trying to kill him with White Kryptonite. As the funeral craft began to burn even as Superman healed, the Flammbronians halted his ship and put a protective Thermionic Sheath around the craft, which allowed Superman to safely exist and converse with the people made of living flame.

Being aware of the outside universe, they had expected him, and were glad to pay him back for saving the life of a related being made of flame many years before.[2] The Flammbronian modulator device sent Superman to a Crystaline Planetoid, where he could recuperate and, seeing that he was leprosy free, safely return to the Earth.[3]


Despite being creatures of living flame in an environment of pure neutronic plasma, the Flammbronians have made clothing; have awareness of the current events in the universe, and possess high technology devices called "Modulators" which they wear on their belt. The devices housed:

  • Radiation Transport Beams: The Beams could transport themselves or others between Flammbron and its orbitting planetoids almost instantly.
  • Thermionic Projectors: The Projector could create an energetic heat-shield around an object so that it would survive in the sun's neutronic plasma atmosphere. It could also project that heat-shield around a rapidly moving object, and reduce its kinetic energy to zero. For example, capturing and stopping a spacecraft moving at near luminal speeds.

Sexual Dimorphism

Both male and female Flammbronians exist on the surface of their sun; exhibiting the usual secondary humanoid differences between the sexes.

Superboy in the "Fire-World"

Related races

Superboy and Krypto travelled to a place they only called "Fire-World" where the humanoid beings "evolved in fire and can breath fire". They greatly resembled the Flammbrons, in that the inhabitants of Fire-World are constantly exhaling flames, have flaming hair, and wear shorts with heavy belt-buckles that may hide their modulators. Their oceans are made of molten lava, suggesting that their planet is hot enough that it may be in orbit around Flammbron, which would explain their kinship to the Flammbronians.[4]

Powers and Abilities


  • Unknown


  • (Incombustible): The Flammbronians exist in an environment where temperatures exceed a million degrees.
  • (Molecular Cohesion): Despite being made of high energy plasma, the Flammbronians retain their physical form; only exuding flame in the place of hair.


  • Unknown


Habitat: Surface of the Sun
Gravity: Extreme
Atmosphere: High Energy Neutronic Plasma, measuring in the millions of degrees.
Population: Unknown


Type of Government:

  • Unknown

Level of Technology:

  • High

Cultural Traits:

  • The Flammbronians have acted benevolently towards those who they owe a debt.


  • Names unknown

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