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"Lightspeed": Hal Jordan, Eve Doremus, Iris West-Allen and Wally West are having dinner in a fancy restaurant. Barry Allen is, of course, late but arrives in ti

Flash & Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold #2 is an issue of the series Flash & Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1999. It was published on September 15, 1999.

Synopsis for "Lightspeed"

Hal Jordan, Eve Doremus, Iris West-Allen and Wally West are having dinner in a fancy restaurant. Barry Allen is, of course, late but arrives in time to pay the check. He whispers to Hal that, on the way to the restaurant, he spotted something requiring superhero attention. The guys drop Iris and Eve off and the three assume their superhero personas and go to the bank Barry had spotted. It has a clean circular hole burrowed into the wall and the hole has a residual glow not unlike a Green Lantern power ring's energy. The heroes are immediately attacked by Black Hand and Mirror Master who admit that the bank robbery was just a ruse to draw out the Flash so Black Hand could steal his speed. Kid Flash runs interference and his speed is stolen instead and, in the confusion, the villains slip away. With Kid Flash powerless, Green Lantern allows Wally to tap into his power ring and his costume changes colors creating... Kid Lantern.

The villains discuss GL's unwanted presence and formulate new plans. They need to destroy the heroes first so Black Hand bestows some of Kid Flash's super-speed to a police car. After the heroes solve that problem, Mirror Master takes down two helicopters but the heroes rescue those as well. They hear a police report of the villains at Central City Arena and the heroes take off. Flash grows less and less enthused about Hal and Wally's "partnership." Meanwhile Eve "entertains" Iris who is growing restless about the guys' absence.

Flash confronts Green Lantern about Hal's usurping of Wally as his own sidekick accusing him of taking some of Flash's life stability for his own. They get to the arena where all the hockey players have had super-speed powers imbued on them. Kid Lantern takes off to confront the villains leaving Flash and GL to help the hockey players. The two continue to bicker until Flash gets hit in the head with a super-fast hockey puck. Kid Lantern spies on the villains who watch the other bickering heroes. Mirror Master sends a flying/expanding mirror pyramid to encase the two heroes. Kid Lantern confronts the villains but Black Hand points out that GL's energy is trapped within the mirror device and can't reach him any longer. But when Black Hand points his power-stealing device at Kid Lantern meaning to speed up his heart to bursting speed, it vanishes only to appear in Kid Lantern's hand. Without the energy, Kid Flash's costume returns to normal and he uses his super-speed to demolish the mirror prison. Flash and GL subdue the villains while Kid Flash explains that when he snuck up on the villains, he used the ring to swipe the power-stealing device and substitute a fake one. Once in possession of the device, Kid Flash turned it on himself to restore his speed powers. Flash and GL apologize to each other and reflect on Kid Flash's positive future in heroics. Later, the three pick up Eve and Iris and head to a diner so Barry can get some dinner.

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  • Central City Police Helicopter
  • KNQR Helicopter


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