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Quote1 A lot can happen in the blink of an eye. You can lose everything. Your name, your reputation. But they can be replaced… by determination, strength, empathy, faith… A renewed sense of how blessed you are just to be alive. To have people who love you, care for you, but that only happens if you don't leave before the miracle. When you realize that tomorrow is a new day. That tomorrow brings hope, and hope is where we find redemption. Quote2
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Wallace Rudolph "Wally" West is the fastest man alive, and the third speedster known as the Flash. Using his superspeed powers, he wields the Speed Force and becomes a costumed crime-fighter. He is a founding member of the Teen Titans.

Early Life

Rudy West Prime Earth 0001

Wally as a kid

Wally West, named after his grandfather, is the only son of Rudy and Mary West. As a child, he developed a fascination with the superhero The Flash, having no idea that the speedster knew his aunt Iris in Central City.

One day, while visiting Iris at her friend Barry Allen's CSI lab at the Central City Police Department, Wally was struck by a bolt of lightning and doused in chemicals just like the Flash was, which infused Wally with the power of a mysterious energy force called the Speed Force like his hero.[4]

Unbeknownst to Wally, Barry Allen actually WAS the Flash and invited the boy to become his sidekick - the first Kid Flash.[4]

Teen Titans

Titans Vol 3 30 Textless

Kid Flash and the Teen Titans

Shortly after becoming a hero, Wally became a founding member of the original incarnation of the Teen Titans, alongside Robin (Dick Grayson), Aqualad (Garth), Omen, Speedy and Wonder Girl (Donna Troy). The team went on multiple adventures together and bonded as friends.

Later Career

Wally went on to witness Barry Allen sacrifice himself to save the Multiverse. Without his mentor, Wally took up the mantle and became the next Flash, eventually taking on Bart Allen as his sidekick.

Wally remained active as the Flash for years, eventually meeting Linda Park, who he would go on to marry and have two children with: Irey and Jai West.

Eventually, in the wake of the Final Crisis, his Mentor, Barry Allen returned, and the two men worked as Flashes alongside one another.


One day, the Flash fought longtime villain Abra Kadabra, who used his magical powers to cast Wally into the Speed Force and wipe his existence from everyone's memories. Wally couldn't escape, and no one remembered him to be able to save him.[4][5]

To make matters worse, they would even forget their own history as a group due to the machinations of Mister Twister, further hiding Wally's existence. While Wally was lost in the speed force, a Quantum Lifeform altered the timeline, resulting in a new, altered existence that seemingly forgot Wally. However, as a result of his presence within the speed force, Wally was able to remember the world's true history.


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Kid Flash Wally West 018

Wally returns

Years later, during the Justice League's war against Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor, the barrier between Wally and the real world was finally weakened enough by the powerful death of Darkseid. As Barry Allen was running from the Black Racer, Wally managed to make his first contact in years by calling Barry's name, though the speedster wouldn't realize what it meant until later.[6]

While trapped in the Speed Force, Wally sensed a presence, who he realized was a being from outside the universe. He learned that this being was watching the universe and was responsible for the missing decade of history.

Wally finally escaped the Speed Force, but, due to all the history manipulation, no one remembered him. Just before he fully faded away to become one with the Speed Force yet again, Barry Allen remembered him and pulled him out, saving him, and proclaiming that he remembered.[4]

Wally told Barry about the history that was lost and the events of the Flashpoint that changed everything.

The New, Old Flash

Flash Wally West 0188

Wally's new costume

No longer feeling like Kid Flash because of the decade of memories he still had that were wiped from existence, Wally resumed his position as just the Flash anyway.

After making himself a new costume, Wally went to find his friends - the original Teen Titans. Restoring their memorizes of him with shocks of his electricity, these heroes reformed their childhood team under the new name "the Titans".[7] [8]

While trying to reintegrate in the world, Wally met his younger cousin, who he shared the same name with, when he showed up in Central City. This Wally also gained super-speed and was currently acting as the newest Kid Flash. When Wally went to shake his younger cousin's hand for the first time, this caused some sort of disruption with the Speed Force and made Barry become corrupted. Wally and his cousin managed to bring Barry back before he was absorbed into the Speed Force.

While corrupted, Barry, in a fit of rage, revealed to Kid Flash that Daniel West was, in fact, his father, rather than his uncle as he was led to believe. Kid Flash ran away, angered at how he was lied to his whole life. Wally later found his cousin and comforted him, offering advice and words of wisdom.[9]

Home Sweet Home

After Wally and the Titans defeated a threat in their new base of operations: Manhattan, Superman showed up to the scene, believing it was a threat for him to handle. After seeing that the Titans had handled it, he left telling Wally it was "good to see him again". This caused Wally great confusion, as no one he had encountered since he'd been back had remembered him. He caught up to Superman and questioned him about how he remembers him, as well as his life with Linda Park. Superman revealed to Wally that he also remembers a different world. Superman gives Wally words of advice, and the two agree to inform each other if either of them learns more about the mysterious situation, then the two engage in a race where they later meet with the other Titans at their newly built headquarters: Titans Tower.[10]

The Lazarus Contract

Deathstroke Prime Earth 014

Deathstroke makes Wally an offer.

During a mission with the Titans, Wally was drugged and abducted by Deathstroke, the world's deadliest assassin. When Wally awakened, he realized he had been restrained and given a truth serum. This made him answer any of Deathstroke's questions and run against his will. Wally was able to eventually able to break free from the restraints and pin down Slade. This is when Deathstroke made Wally an offer: if Wally uses his powers to go back in time and change the past so Deathstroke's son doesn't die, Slade will quit being Deathstroke. Admittedly tempted by the offer, Wally refuses. Slade then reveals to Wally that he had also captured Wally's cousin, Kid Flash, as a contingency.[11]

Deathstroke eventually convinced Kid Flash to help him, while absorbing his Speed Force powers in secret. When Slade was confronted by both teams of Titans, he easily blitzed right through them, now harnessing the Speed Force. Wally chased after Slade and caught up to him. Slade then made Wally realize that speed was his main advantage, and now that the playing-field was evened, he didn't stand a chance, since Slade was a trained killer with superior combat-skills. Wally ran away in search of a plan and found Deathstroke's son, Jericho, for help.[12]

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Titans Vol 3 20 Textless

The Titans disband

Due to his heart condition, Wally wrote a letter to Nightwing about his resignation from the Titans but Donna interrupted him and told him that their kiss was a moment of empathy and they should remain friends for now. During a battle against H.I.V.E., Wally suffered from a heart attack and apparently died.[13] However, thanks to his cousin, he managed to survive, and his heart condition had healed.[14] Afterwards, the Justice League encouraged the Titans to disband, which they do. Wally, realizing that he had never created a life for himself outside of superheroics, agreed with the decision.[15]

Flash War Prelude/The Perfect Storm

Upon his return to Central City, Wally helped his cousin and uncle fight the Top, but was still reluctant to inform his aunt of his existence. Furthermore, he was still upset that Barry kept Iris' murder of Eobard Thawne from him. The two briefly got into an argument, though they made amends very quickly. Wally later went to visit Frances Kane, remembering the pre-Flashpoint timeline. While she initially did not remember him at first, Wally restored her memories of the pre-Flashpoint timeline, which also inadvertently brought back her Magenta persona and powers. Initially reacting violently to Wally, Magenta calmed down once Wally brought her to their hometown. After she was taken to S.T.A.R. Labs who attempt to help her condition, Wally decided to return to Keystone City, where Dick Grayson paid for his apartment. Wally resolved to tell Iris of his existence.[16]

Flash War

The Flash Vol 5 47 Textless

Wally comes into conflict with Barry

After the Renegades were sent to capture Iris West for questioning for the murder of Eobard Thawne, Wally, Barry and Wallace engaged in a battle with them. During the battle, Wally West had a "temporal seizure". The Renegades promised to take care of him if Iris agreed to come back with them, to which she agreed, although Barry and Wallace also come back to the 25th century with them. After arriving in the future, Wally was separated from the rest of the group and was confronted by Zoom, who informed him that all of the forgotten speedsters were lost in the Speed Force and that the only way to save them was to destroy it, as well as the fact that he could help him save his children.[17]

Heroes in Crisis

Following the events of Flash War, Wally sought help in Sanctuary, a rehabilitation center for both superheroes and reformed villains. During his time in Sanctuary, Wally tried getting over his mental health issues. While there, Wally began gradually improving, though after a while he started convincing himself he was the only hero in Sanctuary, and that Sanctuary was made solely out of pity for Wally by the Justice League.

Wally snuck into Sanctuary's database A.I. and, using his abilities, reconstructed recordings of all of the other patients' traumas. As a result, he suffered a mental breakdown. At that moment, the speed force released a burst of energy, resulting in the deaths of nearly every patient in Sanctuary, minus Booster Gold and Harley Quinn. The victims of the massacre were Arsenal, Blue Jay, Hot Spot, Commander Steel, Red Devil, Lagoon Boy, Gunfire, Gnarrk, Protector, Nemesis, Tattooed Man, Solstice and Poison Ivy. Mistakenly believing himself responsible for the power surge and under the effects of hypnotic persuasion from Eobard Thawne, Wally also placed a future version of himself amongst the victims.

After this, Wally left evidence that placed either Booster or Harley as the culprit to the slaughter, giving Wally time to set up a plan to do something equally as good as he did bad. Wally recorded a tape confessing his crimes and sent it to Lois Lane.

After five days Wally revived Poison Ivy and had his five days younger self kill that Wally. However Booster and friends arrived in time and convinced Wally to clone himself, kill the clone, put the body of the clone amongst the victims, turn himself in and accept responsibility for the massacre. After these events Wally placed his fate in the Justice League and was incarcerated.[18]

Flash Forward

Flash Wally West Prime Earth 0013

Wally races through the multiverse

While imprisoned for his actions at Sanctuary, Wally was recruited by Tempus Fuginaut to protect the Multiverse from the encroaching Dark Matter that had emerged from the Dark Multiverse.[19] Wally reluctantly assisted Fuginaut, fighting alongside the heroes of Earth 23, and purged the Dark Matter from their world. Reinvigorated as a hero because of the deed, Wally partnered up with Fuginaut to assist the rest of the Multiverse.[20]

During these adventures, Wally would gain some closure regarding the events at Sanctuary after fighting alongside a version of Roy Harper against a vampiric Justice League, with said version of Roy dying but told Wally that it was his decision, Wally coming to the conclusion that the heroes of Sanctuary knew the risks of helping him, and that to treat them as victims would dishonor their memory.[21]

Flash Wally West Prime Earth 0018

Wally, imbued with Dr. Manhattan's powers, on the Mobius Chair

Wally would also reaffirm his love for Linda Park after fighting alongside a speedster version of her named Lightspeed. After purging the darkness from her home dimension of Earth 32 and the colliding Earth 13, Wally travelled to the next Earth he was meant to assist, but was unexpectedly reunited with Jai and Irey West,[22] only to learn that they were inhabitants of a new Dark Multiverse Earth created from his own fears of losing his children — an Earth that Tempus Fuginaut was now tasking him with destroying.[23]

Wally spent one last day with his kids, spending a nice dinner with them and giving them one last kiss before deciding to make his move. Knowing what needed to be done, he forced Tempus to promise him to get his kids to Earth once he acted, leading to Wally to sit on the Mobius Chair and obtain its knowledge and power. Tempus fulfilled his promise and reunited the twins with Earth-0's Linda, whose memory of Wally and the twins returned to her. The now-godlike Wally watched before musing on his newfound power and being, realizing that the Chair was now infused with that of Dr. Manhattan's power and he could do more than just sit and observe.[24]

Now omniscient, Wally surveyed the timeline and noticed reality change before his eyes as the Justice Society and Legion of Super-Heroes, once forgotten, suddenly reappeared in the timeline. He investigated further, starting with his own life. He saw two versions of the day he first met Barry Allen. In one, Iris introduces him to Barry alone, while in another he is accompanied by his cousin Wallace. He saw the Teen Titans founded twice, and two different versions of the Flash Family. He noted that these are not alternate realities, but the same events repeating on the same world at a different time, with no one remembering the earlier incarnation. He realised reality is damaged and met up with Tempus Fuginaut, telling him he had a plan to repair reality.[25]

Using his new godlike powers, Wally planned to forge the disparate fragments of reality into a single coherent timeline while Fuginaut guarded against danger from the Dark Multiverse. Wally began to create a new universe from the shards of the old ones, when he suddenly realised it wasn't working. Dark Matter surrounded him as he heard evil laughter echo through reality. He realised The Batman Who Laughs had corrupted the Multiverse and headed off to to Earth 0 to stop him.[26]

Dark Nights: Death Metal

The Batman Who Laughs, empowered by Perpetua, defeated Wally and stripped him of the Mobius Chair. Although Wally carried some residual "Anti-Crisis Energy" from Dr. Manhattan, he was no longer omnipotent. He was imprisoned in the Tartarus Pits below Themyscira, which was now a prison for the surviving supervillains. Wonder Woman, who was forced to act as the warden of the prison in exchange for her fellow Amazons' lives, broke him out of prison, mortally wounding The Batman Who Laughs as they escaped.[27]

Along with Swamp Thing they fled to Valhalla Cemetery in a hijacked Batmobeast to join up with Batman, who was raising an army of undead heroes with a Black Lantern Ring. At the cemetery, Wally reunited with Barry Allen and Jay Garrick, who had been restored to the timeline along with the Justice Society.[28] Wonder Woman devised a plan to undo the damage caused by Perpetua and create an "Anti-Crisis" by chanelling the Crisis energy being fed to Perpetua into Wally so he could remake the Multiverse. She and Batman took a small force to the artifical sun "New Apokolips" in order to free the imprisoned heroes there; while the Flashes and Justice Socety remained in the Cemetery. Although they were in a sealed bunker protected by science and magic, the Robin King and Batman Who Laughs, now a godlike being calling himself the Darkest Knight, were able to breach the defences. The Flashes fled through a portal created by Doctor Fate with the Darkest Knight in hot pursuit.[29]

The Flashes were soon joined by Kid Flash. As the Speed Force had been greatly diminished and was dwindling by the second they just barely managed to stay ahead of the Darkest Knight, believing he wanted to absorb the remaining Anti-Crisis Energy from Wally to become powerful enough to challenge Perpetua. The Darkest Knight summoned a horde of Dark Flashes to chase them down. The Dark Flashes were able to match them in speed and accelerated the burnout of the Speed Force. As they closed in, Wally used Johnny Quick's Speed Formula to briefly stop time, bringing them to a stop outside the Flash Museum. This bought them a respite but strained the Speed Force even further, which Barry criticized him for and the two argued about their next move. Wally wanted to run back into and through the horde to go after the Mobius Chair, while Barry wanted to continue to run forward. Wally ran into the museum, declaring that if Barry wouldn't come with him he would go alone. Barry followed him into the museum and the two were able to talk about their conflict. Wally complained that he still felt like he was in Barry's shadow despite everything he had achieved and worked for while Barry was gone; while Barry admitted that because he wasn't there to see Wally grow up, he still thought of him as his sidekick and found it difficult to treat him as the man and hero he had become. Barry agreed to follow Wally's plan and they rejoined the others.

Flash Family 0020

Wally leads the charge

At the instant time resumed, the four ran into the horde, smashing through their line and racing towards the Chair. Jay and Wallace couldn't keep up and fell back to slow the Dark Flashes down, but the Darkest Knight was still gaining on Barry and Wally. Barry transferred the last of his speed to Wally to give him the boost he needed and Wally pushed himself as hard as he could, his costume transforming into the one he had worn before the Flashpoint. Wally reached the Chair an instant before the Dark Flashes could catch him and disappeared with it into the Speed Force. Wally expected to fade into the Force again but suddenly found himself with the Flash Family and their loved ones, who had taken refuge in the Speed Force. After a brief reunion with Linda and their children, he led Jay and Barry back out of the Speed Force to deliver the Mobius Chair to Wonder Woman and execute her plan to remake the multiverse.[30]

Unfortunately, this triumph would prove to be false. Although Wonder Woman's plan was successfully carried out, the Darkest Knight had anticipated what the heroes would do and had rigged the Mobius Chair to redirect all the energy into himself rather than Wally. This granted him power equal to Perpetua and allowed him to create the Last 52 Multiverse.[31] The Darkest Knight let Robin King fight the heroes for a while, then left to fight Perpetua, taking Robin King with him.[32] He left Castle Bat behind to deal with the heroes until he returned, but they were rescued by Lex Luthor, who had been Perpetua's right hand man until his positon was usurped by the Darkest Knight.[33]

The surviving heroes and villains joined up on Themyscira for a final battle against the forces of the Last 52 Multiverse. Many current and former members of the Teen Titans gathered together the night before the battle. Wally approached them and after an awkward moment he was embraced by his old friend and fellow founding member Donna Troy. Wally was happy to be welcomed back by the Titans, but he did not have the courage to approach Arsenal, who was raised as a zombie for the fight by Batman.[34]

The first wave was successfully repulsed, but when the Darkest Knight killed Perpetua he was able devote his full attention to the battle and unleash his best troops. Wonder Woman achieved sufficient power to challenge the Darkest Knight directly,[35] and Superboy-Prime sacrificed himself to destroy some of the Last 52 worlds, which gave the people of the multiverse a fighting chance.[36] One of the dark counterparts unleashed by the Darkest Knight was an alternate version of Wally who called himself the Fastest Killer Alive, created from Wally's fear that the Sanctuary disaster had not been an accident. Wally saved Red Arrow, Aqualad, Orphan and Impulse from the Fastest Killer Alive, who Arsenal then killed with an arrow through the head. Roy assured Wally that he did not blame him for the Sanctuary disaster and that he could never have been like the Fastest Killer. The two fought side by side, jokingly referring to each other as "Kid Flash" and "Speedy".[37]

After Wonder Woman defeated the Darkest Knight the multiverse was remade into an Omniverse by The Hands. Barry took Wally to meet the Totality on their space station, and informed him of the new structure of the multiverse.[38]

Infinite Frontier

Blink of An Eye

The Flash Vol 1 768 Textless

Jumping through space-and-time

After Barry was offered a place on Justice Incarnate in order to explore the new multiverse and map it, Wally was chosen once again to be the main Flash.[39] Unfortunately, Wally was hoping to enjoy a normal life with his family after the traumatic events he experienced since his return and told both Barry and the League that he decided to resign as the Flash. He even wanted to cut himself off from the Speed Force after discussing it with his wife Linda. However, just before Barry can sever Wally's connection to the Speed Force, he's transported to the prehistoric Earth and notices that it feels different from any other time he time traveled, as now he had somehow possessed the body of a prehistoric man but noted that he still has his speed (unlike the rest of the speedsters who lost their powers). He also can't reach the speed necessary to return to his time.

While being chased by a Raptor with super speed, Wally makes contact with Barry and they talk about the situation before the Raptor explodes in a huge burst of Speed Force energy that sends Wally to the 30th Century, this time possessing the body of his cousin Bart Allen.[40] In the future Wally met Gold Beetle, a new ally he is fated to have many adventures with in the future, and together they fought a Dominator grown to gigantic size by excess Speed Force energy.[41] He continued to bounce around the timeline and Omniverse, possessing other speedsters at the lowest points in their lives. He jumped into Jay Garrick when he was captured by the Nazis in World War II[42] and the Reverse-Flash of another reality when the Legion of Doom fought Superman.

In rapid succession he jumped into Max Mercury, Kid Flash, Liberty Belle and even Barry himself in the past. Back in the present, Barry and Mr Terrific theorised that the Speed Force may be trying to expel something from itself and decided to send a burst of tachyons into the Speed Force to flush it out.

Wally jumped into his own son Jai twenty years in the future, where Irey was waiting for him. The twins had known this would happen as Wally had told them the story of his time travel adventures many times. Irey had already safely absorbed the surge of Speed Force energy and would release it over the next few minutes, giving her and Wally time to talk. Irey told him that their family was safe and happy in the future, but also that Wally would not retire from heroics when he returned to the present, showing that both she and Jai had grown up to be superheroes themselves.

Irey took Wally into space and showed him a star that had been ornamented with a gigantic lightning bolt to resemble the Flash emblem. She warned him that his next jump would be the hardest and closed off the conduit as Barry sent the tachyon surge. Wally suddenly found himself in his own body on the grounds of Sanctuary, surrounded by bodies.[43]

Arriving at Sanctuary, Wally comes to realize that the Speed Force had most likely caused the explosion that killed the heroes in Sanctuary, only to spot Roy coming up to him in confusion, actually nowhere near the time bubble created by the explosion. Wally still believes that he had caused the deaths brought by the explosion, only for the time bubble to contract and release the true cause of the surges: Savitar. Realizing that Savitar is absorbing more and more of the Speed Force, Barry and Mr. Terrific plan to drop the time bubble and send both Savitar and Wally back to the present. Despite Wally and Ollie's pleas, Roy convinces both to act as heroes and uses one of his arrows to destroy the time bubble, shunting Wally and Savitar back into the present and causing the explosion once more.

In the present, despite the arrival of Superman and Batman, Savitar defeated the gathered heroes before Wally regained his strength and suited up in his old Flash costume. Struck with an extra surge of Speed Force energy, Wally easily defeated Savitar, severing his connection to the Speed Force before a mysterious portal dragged him back to his prison. After passing out from the stress, Wally reawoke and learned that, while he was physically okay, he now had access to the Speed Force energy that was given to him. He told Barry he changed his mind about retiring and Ollie apologized to Wally over his own actions. After a brief reunion with his family, Wally returned to action as the Flash once more.[44]


The Flash Vol 1 777 Textless Variant

The Gemworld Saga

Michael Holt offered Wally a job with Terrifictech.[45] A mysterious glaive fell to Earth in the middle of Central City, but Mister Terrific, Wally and even Superman were unable to move it. The glaive sent out waves of anger and hate that made the people of Central City hostile and drew an army of supervillains to it. Wally was immune to the glaive's effects and fought most of the villains off but Starbreaker managed to reach the glaive and was possessed by Eclipso, who flew off to attack Gemworld.[46]

Doctor Fate took Wally through The In-Between to Gemworld, hoping to reach it before Eclipso did, but they arrived too late.[47] They teamed up with Amethyst and Justice League Dark, who told them that Eclipso was heading to the Black Heart, a gateway to the core of Gemworld. Wally freed Dark Opal from prison so he could lead them to the Heart, but by the time they got there Eclipso had already descended into the core. Wally deduced that Eclipso planned to use Gemworld as a gigantic antenna to amplify his psychic powers, and was proven right when Eclipso was able to possess the other heroes.[48]

Wally and Dark Opal, who was unaffected by the mind control, managed to fight off the possessed heroes and escape. Opal promised to recharge the glaive's magic and use it to seal Eclipso away again. However, he betrayed Wally and handed him over to Eclipso.[49] A possessed Amethyst almost murdered Wally, but he was rescued by the timely arrival of his children and Maxine Baker, the daughter of Animal Man.

Dark Opal realised that Eclipso would betray him and take control of him along with the rest of the Multiverse and offered to re-energise the glaive as promised. Despite reservations Wally agreed and the group attacked the Dark Heart, which was defended by the possessed Justice Leaguers and citizens of Gemworld. Wally reached the possessed Starbreaker and imprisoned him in the glaive, with all the other possessed people returning to normal. The Spectre arrived to collect the glaive and told Wally that God had personally chosen him to fight Eclipso, and had been shielding him from Eclipso's powers. Wally asked The Spectre if he could do anything to help Jai and Spectre told him that he could give Jai the surge of energy the Speed Force gave him for the fight against Savitar. Wally transferred the surge to Jai, giving him a full connection to the Force and allowing him to use his powers without ill effects.[50] With Eclispo defeated, Wally and the children returned home safely.[51]

Titans Academy

Flash Wally West Prime Earth 0037

Wally reunites with Roy

The Flash visited the Titans Academy with Jai and Irey, pondering the idea of enrolling his children on the academy. During an attack by Red X on the academy, Wally got all the civilians and his children out of the tower, leaving them in the care of Whistle and Lebowitz. Flash and the Titans fought Red X but the villain quickly escaped without a trace.[52]

Wally saw all the students gathering for something and went to see what it was, which lead to him discovering that his friend Roy Harper had come back from the dead. Wally and the rest of the Titans later went to the homecoming party at the academy where they were reunited with Tempest, Summer Zahid then reported that five students had disappeared and Roy deduced that Psimon was responsible after Raven lost the psionic trails of the students. The Titans then arrived just after Red X murdered the psychic villain before fleeing the scene with Nevermore, who told the Titans not to follow them.[53] Nevermore began to transform into a demon which would destroy the world, and Red X insisted on protecting him from the Titans at all costs, believing they would kill Dane to prevent the apocalypse. Wally, along with Kid Flash and Bolt tried to fight Red X but he fended them off with an electromagnetic field that they couldn't phase through.[54]


Dick Grayson's apartment building in Bludhaven was bombed by an assassin working for his arch-enemy Blockbuster. Wally raced over to help him, and bystanders told him that Dick had gone back inside to rescue a tenant. In a panic, Wally tried to dig his friend out of the rubble, but then saw him nearby in costume and hugged him in relief. He told Dick that, since witnesses had seen Dick Grayson go in but only seen Nightwing come out, this meant that Dick Grayson was missing and presumed dead, and advised him to lay low until they could find the people responsible. Wally "invited" Dick to stay in his house, carrying him there before he had a chance to object.

The next day, they discussed who could have been behind the assassination, and Wally learned that Dick had a long-lost sister who was the Mayor of Bludhaven. They received a call from Barbara Gordon in Gotham, telling them that she had been kidnapped and was being transported in a van. They tracked the van to its location, secretly freed Barbara and took her place in the van. The van drove to meet with the assassin, who was revealed to be KGBeast.[55]

Dark Crisis

Wally's aunt Iris told him and Wallace that Barry Allen hadn't been seen since he left on a mission with Justice League Incarnate.[56] The entire Justice League also subsequently disappeared and only Black Adam returned, claiming that the League and Justice League Incarnate had all been killed by Pariah and that the Great Darkness was preparing to invade the Multiverse. Hal Jordan did not trust the former supervillain and encouraged Wally to look for Barry.[57]

The Flash Vol 1 784 Textless

The Search for Barry Allen

Mister Terrific used the technology which he and Barry had developed to communicate with Wally during his body-hopping adventure to track Barry's unique resonance signature in the Speed Force, and was able narrow his possible location to three alternate realities. The Flash Family gathered at the Flash Museum to go into the Force and hopefully find Barry and bring him home. The twins ran through the portal into the Speed Force before anyone could stop them and Jay Garrick jumped in after them. The remaining speedsters split into two teams to rescue both Barry and Jay and the kids. Wally and Wallace went through the portal and emerged in Earth-Flash.1, a pocket dimension created by Pariah as Barry's personal paradise.[58]

Wally tried to talk to Barry, but Barry saw him as the Reverse-Flash and attacked him.[59] Wally wouldn't fight back and so Barry came close to killing him until Linda arrived on Earth-Flash.1 just in time to save him. Linda was able to snap Barry out of his delusions and they told him what had happened to the Justice League. Barry realised that they were not dead but were trapped in pocket dimensions like he had been. Barry said he would go and search for the rest of the League and told Wally to return to Earth 0 and protect it from the Darkness. As they ran to the portal back to Earth 0 Linda raced past Wally, revealing that she had superspeed.[60]

One-Minute War

The Flash Vol 1 793 Textless

Wally during the war against the Fraction

While Wally was having a barbecue with some of his friends and family, a mysterious spire arrived on Earth and everyone who wasn't a speedster froze in time. This was the arrival of the Fraction, an interdimensional empire that used the Speed Force to plunder various worlds.[61] After realizing what was happening, Wally ventures into Central City to look for any survivors after the spire fell, only to find Barry cradling his aunt Iris' dead body.[62]

Realizing that the West home would not be a safe refuge for long, the speedsters relocated to Mister Terrific's personal lab at Terrifictech before Kid Flash and Impulse returned with a stolen vehicle from the Fraction, which contained various other heroes that were kept as prisoners.[63] Wally and the rest of the team decided to install a battery from the stolen vehicle in a car to use as a bomb, hoping to destroy the Fraction's spire with it. While the Flash Family launched an assault on the spire, Wally tried to get inside with his car but was instead struck by one of the Fraction's cannons.[64]

Wally was actually transported to Timepoint, renamed Planet Flash, where he reunited with Gold Beetle, who saved the victims of the Sanctuary disaster from their deaths by pulling them from the timeline.[65] Wally and the other heroes arrive and join the Flash Family while they're fighting the Fraction forces. While the Flash Family tried to channel vast quantities of Speed Force energy at the Fraction's engine room in hopes of sending the army back in time, Wally took on the Admiral Vel Anthro himself, eventually throwing him into an open battery compartment, trapping him inside and adding his Speed Force energy to the others, as the Admiral was also an organic conduit. This was enough to accelerate the ship past lightspeed, reversing time by one minute while leaving Vel Anthro trapped in the battery forever. The Flash and his family thus saved the world, preventing the deaths of all the victims of the Fraction's invasion, including Iris.[66]

Dawn of DC

Out of the Shadows

Wally decided to join his friends on the new iteration of the Titans, but didn't go to live with them in the new Titans Tower because he preferred to stay with his family.[67] Shortly after the reforming of the Titans, a future version of himself travelled back in time and died right in front of the other members of the team.[68] They started an investigation on the when and how Wally would be killed, eventually figuring out that it was an plot planned by Brother Eternity to use Linda Park as an way to get close to Wally and kill the speedster.[69] She was eventually uncovered and the parasite inside her was destroyed.[70]

Strange Attractor

Beast World


  • Speed Force Conduit: After he was struck by a bolt of lightning and doused in chemicals, Wally gained a connection to the Speed Force, a mysterious cosmic force that pushes time and space itself forward. As it does this, the Speed Force creates excess energy that builds up and needs to be released. Wally, along with the other speedsters connected to it, act as a release valve for the Speed Force. When Wally uses his powers, he taps into that built up energy and expends it.[71] Due to his time trapped in the Speed Force within its cosmic energies, Wally has gained a much stronger connection to it, and can tap into it much more than before.[5] Wally has a deep, spiritual understanding of the Speed Force.[72] Wally's connection to the Speed Force grew even stronger after he was hyper-energized with a incredibly powerful surge of energy from the Speed Force itself.[44] This granted Wally a mainline-connection to the Speed Force, meaning he cannot be cut off from its energy.[44]
    • Superhuman Speed: Wally is capable of moving at incredible superhuman speeds. He is far faster than Superman and even a bit faster than Barry Allen, having beaten both in separate races.[10][73][74] Wally can move far beyond lightspeed without any effort, and was even able to move when time was frozen.[75] After pushing himself, Wally was able to accelerate faster than thought, time, and even the Speed Force itself.[23] By reciting the Speed Force Formula, Wally can tap into the Speed Force in a different way to boost his speed even more, making it appear as if time was completely frozen. He has only ever used the formula twice, as a last resort.[76] According to Tempus Fuginaut, Wally is the Fastest Being in the Multiverse, and his speed is essentially infinite.[19][23]
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Wally possesses reflexes far greater than a normal human being. This allows him to easily react to danger and events, and perceive the world in slow motion.[8]
    • Superhuman Stamina: Wally's body can handle the stress of moving at superhuman speeds for extended periods of time without getting tired or weak.[7] He ran for days on end, non-stop, while trying to look for his kids.[77]
    • Superhuman Agility: Wally's agility, balance and bodily coordination are enhanced to superhuman levels. This allows him to easily make sharp turns and leap far distances while moving at superhuman speed.[7]
    • Superhuman Strength: The Flash can use his speed to boost his natural strength.[78] The faster Wally accelerates towards lightspeed, the more his mass increases, greatly enhancing the force behind his punches. He was capable of hitting Ultraman with the force of one hundred thousand punches, with one punch.[21] Wally was also able to easily plow through an massive army of Dark Flashes, sending them flying through the air upon contact.[76] He can also easily carry multiple people while running at super speed.
    • Speed Force Aura: Wally's body is surrounded by a Speed Force Aura, or "friction cushion" - a bubble of space-time accelerated to the same velocity as Wally.[79] This aura allows Wally to breathe and hear sounds while moving at immense speeds, as well as protects him and anyone who he is running with from the rigorous effects of using his speed, including friction, airborne particulate matter, kinetic impacts, G-Force and the like.[80] Wally even learned to "tense" his aura, essentially hardening his invisible force field, which allows him to hit opponents with additional force.[79]
      • Superhuman Durability: Thanks to his protective Speed Force aura, Wally is capable of resisting tremendous kinetic impact forces that could easily crush or kill a human, without suffering any serious external or internal injuries.[20]
        • Energy Resistance: Flash's Speed Force aura also makes him highly resistant to most energy based attacks, especially electrical attacks. He was capable of withstanding a massive blast of lightning and was unfazed.[20]
    • Accelerated Healing: Like all conduits of the Speed Force, Wally is capable of regenerating from injuries much faster than any normal human. This is due to his Speed Force Aura accelerating space-time around him, closing his wounds almost instantly.[81]
      • Toxic Immunity: Wally's accelerated metabolism grants him significant resistance to drugs and other toxins. When exposed to a sleep gas, Wally was only slowed to normal human levels, rather than being instantly put to sleep by the gas.[82]
    • Aerokinesis: By rotating his arms at super speed or running in a circular motion, Wally can manipulate the airflow around him for various effects, such as creating strong vortexes of wind.[11] By running fast enough, he can also pull the oxygen out of a fire in order to extinguish the flames.[83] By running across water in circles, Wally was able to create a large vortex of water that he was able to pull behind him in his slipstream.[84] Hawkman stated that when Wally and Barry ran around the world at immense speed, they created winds stronger than he had ever felt over all of his lives.[85]
    • Dimensional Travel: Wally can use his speed to traverse the Multiverse at will. He is able to accelerate into the Speed Force by moving past light-speed, and can enter and exit the dimension as he chooses.[86] He can also travel to other dimensions and realities such as Hell.[81] Wally eventually learned to use the Speed Force to travel across the SpectraVerse - hidden planes of reality that are described as different "frequencies" or "angles" of Earth 0. While in these other planes, Wally can still perceive what is happening in his main reality. By "side-stepping" in and out of these dimensions, Wally can essentially teleport wherever he chooses. He has used this ability to attack opponents from every angle before they can react.[79][87]
    • Electrokinesis: Wally can generate and manipulate the electrical energy that he draws from the Speed Force. This Speed Force lightning emanates off of him, especially when he moves at super-speed. When generated at high volumes, Wally's Speed Force energy is powerful enough to disrupt the Green, the Microverse, and even Magic, as well as easily destroy Green Lantern constructs on contact.[85] Wally has stated that it takes great control to make sure the Speed Force in him stays put, describing the energy as the world's most dangerous weapon.[88]
      • Electro-Blast: Wally is capable of projecting powerful arcs and blasts of his Speed Force lightning.[20]
      • Electromagnetism: Due to his electrokinetic abilities, Wally possesses some level of manipulation over magnetism. By running across Girder's back, he was able to align the atoms of his metallic skin, turning him into a giant magnet. [89]
      • Energy Construct Creation: By concentrating, Wally can use the Speed Force to create solid energy constructs, which he used to compose his costume on multiple instances. He was able to recreate his Pre-Flashpoint suit,[76] as well as an armored suit made of pure Speed Force energy.[90]
      • Energy Transference: Wally was able to transfer a surge of Speed Force energy into his son, Jai, granting him a full connection to the Speed Force and allowing him to use his powers without ill effects.[50]
      • Energy Transformation: When moving faster than light speed, Wally generates so much energy that he essentially becomes pure Speed Force energy.[86][85]
      • Healing: Wally's lightning can heal the wounds of others, through contact. A spark of his energy instantly sealed a severe wound of Nightwing's, after he was impaled.[13] Wally once used his Speed Force energy to bring a dead flower back to life, and by stimulating it with one more spark of energy, he was able to bring Poison Ivy back to life through the plant.[88]
      • Molecular Reconstruction: Wally has utilized his Speed Force energy to reweave the molecules of his Kid Flash costume, to construct a new Flash suit.[8]
      • Speed Force Absorption: By interlocking energy currents, Wally can drain away the Speed Force, or Negative Speed Force, from other energy sources such as a Speed Force storm.[91]
      • Speed Force Negation: By interlocking energy currents, Wally was able to disconnect Savitar from the Speed Force, completely removing his powers.[44]
    • Enhanced Mental Process: The Speed Force enhances Wally's mental capacity to levels greater than any normal human, allowing him to take in and process information at an accelerated rate. This allows Wally to read through large amounts of information at super-speed.[92] He can think so fast that he is able to hold two separate thoughts at once.[20] Wally can think quickly, mapping out the potential outcomes of a situation and reading books in an instant [93] and he can think way faster than most mind manipulators, resisting brainwashing.[94]
    • Enhanced Senses: The Speed Force grants Wally enhanced senses that allow him to perceive the world at a rate attuned to his reaction speed, as well as grants him extra temporal senses.[95]
      • Enhanced Vision: Wally is able to vibrate his eyes on different frequencies in order to see different wavelengths of light, essentially seeing things that would be invisible to most people. He also has an enhanced range of sight, that allows him to see things clearly from far farther away than normal humans. He can also see objects before the light from them reaches the pupil of his eye.[96]
      • Cosmic Awareness: Wally's connection to the Speed Force also allows him to sense cosmic and temporal disturbances.[97] He can sense when the flow of time has been manipulated, as well as channel the Speed Force and "listen to it", allowing him to sense things that are disrupting the space-time continuum.[95] Wally was able to sense Doctor Manhattan watching over Prime Earth,[97] as well as The Batman Who Laughs putting pressure on the Speed Force in an attempt to corrupt it.[76] Wally has also broken the Fourth Wall, thanks to Doctor Fate, who opened his inner eye to see it, which allowed him to interact with the "reader".[98]
    • Molecular Acceleration: Wally can vibrate his own molecular structure at varying degrees for a number of purposes, by adjusting to different frequencies.[11]
      • Phasing: By vibrating his molecules on an atomic level, and by doing so at just the right frequency, Wally can phase through objects such as walls without damaging them.[92] He can allow others to phase through an object with him by vibrating them through physical contact.[20]
      • Intangibility: Wally can vibrate his molecular structure to an intangible state, allowing objects to pass through him.[11]
    • Retrocognition: Due to his time trapped in the Speed Force, Wally regained his memories of the Pre-Flashpoint timeline, and remembers his past life, as well as the lives of others. Also, after Abra Kadabra erased everyone's memories of him, Wally could use his lightning to "shock" their forgotten memories back into them.[8] Wally gained all of his forgotten memories over time through "temporal seizures".[17]
    • Sharing the Force: Wally is able to use the Speed Force to "lend" velocity to objects or people already in motion. When he used the Speed Force Formula to give himself a massive speed boost, he was able to share this speed with the rest of the Flash Family.[76]
    • Speed Steal: Wally can use the Speed Force to absorb the speed and/or momentum from anyone or anything. He demonstrated this by slowing down an explosion, and even taught Kid Flash to do this.[9]
    • Time Stopping: Wally developed the ability to stop the flow of time when he temporarily gained a heart condition. This power would kick in when his heart rate would rise too high from straining himself at super-speed. While stopping time, Wally has the same advantages of moving at super-speed, without needing to move fast at all.[99]
    • Time Travel: By running fast enough, Wally is able to jump into the timestream and travel throughout it, without the aid of a Cosmic Treadmill.[100] He was even able to travel to the End of Time.[81]




  • Wally West was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino, first appearing in The Flash #110. However, in the Prime Earth continuity, Wally West first appeared as part of the New 52 DC Universe in DCU: Rebirth #1 by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver.
  • Writer Geoff Johns confirmed that, though Wally was technically reintroduced in DCU: Rebirth #1, his actual first appearance was in the form of a mysterious voice calling out for Barry Allen in Justice League (Volume 2) #50.[113]
  • Wally's Speed Force lightning color has shifted based on various circumstances. After escaping the Speed Force, his lightning shifted from yellow to white, due to his connection to the Speed Force growing stronger.[5] Wally's lightning later evolved into an indigo-blue cosmic energy,[19] however after being hyper-energized by a surge Speed Force energy, his lightning shifted back to yellow.[44]
  • Wally's identity became public following the Sanctuary disaster and his imprisonment at Blackgate Penitentiary.[19] His identity appears to have been forgotten by the world at large following the "unknotting" of the timeline.[40]
  • According to Writer Scott Lobdell, Wally has become Faster than Infinite-Speed, especially after pushing himself to run Faster than the Speed-Force Itself.[23]
  • Wally's temporal seizures caused him to release powerful bursts of temporal energy, which clashed with Speed Force energy, making it harmful to speedsters, including Wally himself. When Wally regained all of his memories, he released all the temporal energy in the Speed Force, which temporarily cut off time travel and dimensional travel for all speedsters.[73]
  • Wally is best friends with Dick Grayson.[13]
  • According to Mister Terrific, there is a 65% chance that Wally could one day destroy the world.[114]
  • Wally is the only known being to not be completely overtaken by the Mobius Chair, due to his will and connection to the Speed Force.[110]
  • Wally would sometimes call events of the Speed Force he would not understand as "Spooky Speed Force Stuff".[115]



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