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Flash Comics #101 is an issue of the series Flash Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1948. It was published on September 6, 1948.

Synopsis for Flash: "Flash Speeds 1000 Years into the Future"

Appearing in Flash: "Flash Speeds 1000 Years into the Future"

Featured Characters:


  • Folda Rithel, Museum Chief in 2969
    • his followers

Other Characters:

  • Sue Bell
  • Ted Bell
  • three future museum guards


  • Washington, D.C., 1948
    • Smithsonian Institution
      • Arts & Industries Building
  • Zone NY-K, 2948
  • Astra, Capital of the Free World, 2948



Synopsis for Hawkman: "Revenge of the Falconer"

A man named Higgens has bred and trained giant falcons to obey commands to rescue people in danger, but "the commission" turns down his request for more funds to expand his program as they aren't convinced his falcons would obey anyone else's orders. Not long after, Carter and Shiera see the giant falcons robbing an armored car. They switch to Hawkman and Hawkgirl and pursue the falcons into a mountain pass, but fall into a trap where a steel net's dropped over them.

The heroes come to and find Higgens is also a prisoner of a masked malefactor who calls himself the Falconer. The fiend has the Hawk-duo taken to a fatal drop and released by the falcons. Fortunately, Hawkman managed to cut his ropes on one of the falcon's talons and manages to save Hawkgirl from a fatal plunge.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl catch up to the Falconer's gang as they sneak onto a millionaire's estate with intent to rob. The Falconer's unmasked as the head of "the commission", who came up with his scheme to get Higgens blamed for the falcons' participation in robberies. In the course of the fight a fire starts, and threatens the orphanage next door. Fortunately the giant falcons were trained for rescue, and haul the kids to safety in time. For the falcons' help in the orphanage rescue, Higgens is given full funding by "the commission".

Appearing in Hawkman: "Revenge of the Falconer"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Synopsis for Ghost Patrol: "The Clue of the Jumbo Peanut"

Appearing in Ghost Patrol: "The Clue of the Jumbo Peanut"

Featured Characters:


  • Kawley, gangster
  • Kawley's pal
  • Feed Store Manager
    • two hench clerks

Other Characters:

  • jailbird squealer


  • Almora Prison
  • Feed and Supply Store
  • Research Institute


  • two size-changing sets of burglar tools
  • an Electroplasmic Magnet that works on a Ghost Frequency

Synopsis for Black Canary: "The Day that Wouldn't End"

Dinah and Larry deliver flowers to the mansion of James Taylor, who is returning from the hospital. They both notice a calendar with all the dates reading May 16th. Puzzled, the Black Canary returns and stumbles upon some crooks. Both Canary and Larry, who has also returned, are captured, but only after discovering that Taylor's lawyer, Crane, is trying to make the man believe time has stopped. Black Canary manages to escape and apprehends the crooks.

Appearing in Black Canary: "The Day that Wouldn't End"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Crane


  • Published monthly by National Comics Publications, Inc.
  • The Flash:
    • Earth-Two Science: "By vibrating faster than 186,000 miles per second, the speed of light, the FLASH is no longer subject to the scientific principles of this planet, no longer bound to the steady flow of time -- He can move forward or backward through the time dimension." ~Caption
    • Earth will be split in two by a Cosmic Bomb, in 2969, according to museum guides in 2948.
  • Ghost Patrol:
    • Fred, despite being a ghost, smokes a pipe.
    • Pedro and Slim, despite being ghosts, are knocked out with gas.
  • The Day That Wouldn't End is reprinted in The Black Canary Archives Vol. 1.

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