"Flash "Case of the Vanished Year"": In his search for a scientist friend who has disappeared, Flash suddenly finds himself transported back one year into the past.

Flash Comics #88 is an issue of the series Flash Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 1947.

Synopsis for Flash "Case of the Vanished Year"

In his search for a scientist friend who has disappeared, Flash suddenly finds himself transported back one year into the past.

Appearing in Flash "Case of the Vanished Year"

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Synopsis for Ghost Patrol: "Cruise into Danger"

Appearing in Ghost Patrol: "Cruise into Danger"

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Synopsis for "Cotton-Top Katie"

Appearing in "Cotton-Top Katie"

Featured Characters:

  • Cotton-Top Katie

Synopsis for Johnny Thunder: "The Map That Wasn't There"

Johnny receives a pie, out of which flies a black canary. He chases it for two hours and when he asks two men if they saw a black canary, they attack him. He is brought to their hideout, and sees the Black Canary, bound and gagged. He is tied up and asked if he knows where the map is. He asks if that was in the pie. The crooks say Black Canary ran into a bakery while being chased, and they take Johnny's wallet to find his address. Johnny and the Canary are put in a cage, which is hung beneath a helicopter. The Black Canary reveals the bird was especially trained, and she hoped when he saw it he would know the pie came from her and hold onto it. The crooks stole charity funds but she stole their map of the loot's location. The crooks drop the cage but Johnny summons the Thunderbolt, who breaks open the cage and flies them to Johnny's house. Johnny accidentally knocks out the two crooks. It turns out the pie has been eaten, but it is then revealed that the canary has the map.

Appearing in Johnny Thunder: "The Map That Wasn't There"

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Synopsis for Hawkman: "The Ghost"

The Ghost and his gang pull a series of crimes, and Hawkman investigates. He reveals some of the Ghost's tricks, and captures some of his henchmen, but in the end the Ghost gets away, and Hawkman is left to wonder if he might be a real ghost after all.

Appearing in Hawkman: "The Ghost"

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