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Flash Forward is a collection of the miniseries of the same name, and includes a new story titled "Generation Zero". The original plans for Flash Forward were for Wally to successfully create a new timeline linking all of DC's history into a single coherent chronology stretching from the Golden Age to the present day. This would have lead into the Generations miniseries and a company-wide reboot termed "5G". The first story intended to be set in this new continuity, "A Brave New World", was published in Wonder Woman #750. The reboot was eventually cancelled and the plans for 5G were recycled into the Future State event.


"Generation Zero"


Wally West begins to fix all of the timeline damages Dr. Manhattan caused but is interrupted by a mysterious force that is corrupting the multiverse. Recognizing the work of The Batman Who Laughs, Wally sets off to Earth 0 to stop him.


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