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"Chapter Two: The Line Forms on the Left": The Oval Office of Solitude. Washington D.C., Earth 23

Quote1.png Don't worry. Everything will be okay, Jai. I promise. Quote2.png
Iris West

Flash Forward #2 is an issue of the series Flash Forward (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2019. It was published on October 16, 2019.

Synopsis for "Chapter Two: The Line Forms on the Left"

The Oval Office of Solitude. Washington D.C., Earth 23

Wally West was tasked to help defeat the disease spreading from the Dark Multiverse, a disease that is covering in darkness many of the universes in the Multiverse. He found himself in a new reality, where the President of the USA is, well, Superman. And Superman needs some help: strange beasts made of dark matter almost killed him. But using a staff Fuginaut gave to Wally, he's able to hurt the creatures, destroying the one who was hunting Kalel. As the Justice League of Earth 23 comes to the rescue of their comrade, Superman assures them everything is alright: this man is a friend.

As they are all here, Kalel explains what happened: he was on his plane, when there was an attack. He descended, and found himself fighting against this demons made of dark matter. He realized he was fighting a symptom, and not its cause, and soon found out he was right: discovering the existence of the Dark Multiverse, Superman also made an analysis that gave him very bad results: in the matter of an hour, the Earth will be swallowed completely by Dark Matter. And to make things worse, in fifteen minutes the Congress authorized the launch of the Anti-Life Bomb.

Hearing his words, and seeing all the Leaguers ready to fight a battle they will not win, Wally knocks Kalel out with the staff, and flees. On his world, he refused to react, and fight. He surrendered to his punishment. But Tempus Fuginaut gave him another chance to be a hero, and he will not waste it. He would just like to talk with his cosmic friend again, to learn some details, like, for example, what should he do. In that moment, a projection of Fuginaut appears: he can talk with him whenever he wants, being Fuginauts cosmic creatures.

Tempus tells Wally he should fix with the staff a tear between worlds that also makes the plague propagate. But it's too late for Earth 23: Flash should leave, and find somewhere else to fight. Of course, Wally does not listen: the cosmos chose him, so now they will have to let him do what he does best. And that's fighting even when you're hopeless. In that moment, another group of heroes, pretty dumbfounded by the whole situation, thinks Wally is the guy who caused all the ruckus: they are the Retaliators, a super-group from Earth 8, catapulted on Earth 23 by the rift Wally should seal.

Finding himself in a battle against all the Retaliators, without time to make them know he is on their side, Wally manages to close the rift and heal both Earth 8 and Earth 23. And thanks to the fact he cured Kalel by hitting him with the staff of Tempus Fuginaut, Superman was able to intercept and stop the Anti-Life Bomb launched by the Congress. Wally did the impossible. But as Kalel and the League would like to know him better, he goes away, to the next mission: Wonder Woman observes that the speedster must bring an heavy burden in his heart.

The Space between the 52 universes

Tempus Fuginaut is happy Wally was successful, but he would like so much to tell him what his real role in all of this is. Still, he must not, because Wally is not ready: let's hope that at the end of his journey, his mind will be healed from the demons inhabiting it. And then, Fuginaut looks at the world he wanted to send Wally in: a world which is resisting the Dark. In this world, statues of Wally's victims inside Sanctuary just appeared, and watching them are two young children. Iris and Jai West.

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