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"Chapter Three: Freefall": The city formerly known as Gotham. Earth 43

Quote1.png I am The Flash! The fastest man in the Multiverse. I belong on any Earth that needs me! Quote2.png
The Flash (Wally West)

Flash Forward #3 is an issue of the series Flash Forward (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2020. It was published on November 20, 2019.

Synopsis for "Chapter Three: Freefall"

The city formerly known as Gotham. Earth 43

On with his quest against the disease spreading from the Dark Multiverse, Wally finds himself on Earth 43. In a city looking a lot like Gotham, several citizens are floating in the sky, ready to fall on the streets. Wally intervenes, and helps them all, but he soon discovers why they were in that situation: on this world, the whole Justice League was transformed into vampires, and they were using innocent people to feed an horde of creatures like them waiting in the streets. Wally has to face a vampiric version of Superman, but finds out he has enough power to put him down, a thing he struggles to believe. Is it a consequence of being unmoored, like Tempus Fuginaut told him?

After defeating Superman, he gets attacked by a vampiric Barry Allen: facing your mentor, even in another reality, is not easy, but Wally must do it. While fighting, the vampiric Flash assumes the connotations of both Gnarrk and Roy Harper: Wally's guilt is playing tricks with his mind. It seems that being unmoored has also some downside, after all. Suddenly, the evil Flash is hit by a series of arrows, and collapses: this time is really Roy Harper, the Arsenal of Earth 43, who is revealed to be a vampire hunter.

Wally struggles to talk with Roy, because so much memories are brought to his mind, but in the end this Roy is so similar to the one he always knew, that Wally forgets his guilt. Flash explains to Arsenal is on a mission: he must purge several worlds in the Multiverse from a plague connected to Dark Matter. This Earth sure seems evil and in need of some help, but there was no trace of Dark Matter anywhere. Roy informs him he knows where the Dark Matter is, and explains to Wally why the Justice League, and part of the world, became vampires.

In a fight against the forces of Dracula, Batman, the greatest hero on Earth, decided to take a bold and dangerous step, transforming into a vampire himself and then defeating the enemy. But once he was transformed, he decided all his teammates, and the world, should undergo the same metamorphosis. And so it began. Also, it seems that in recent times the vampires are excited, as some dark force made them stronger: Roy has the strong sensation that the disease Wally is talking about is linked to all this. They must enter the Bat-Cave, and face the king of the vampires, Batman himself.

Utilizing Wally's ability to phase through walls, they enter the Bat-Cave and there they find the Dark Matter, accumulated by Batman who soon materializes from the shadows: he understood that the Dark Matter can feed vampires non-stop, so that they can finally stop feeding on humans and better concentrate on dominating the world. During the fight, Roy is heavily injured and Wally is able to stop Bruce by trapping him into a nuclear reactor that was in the Bat-Cave. After purging Earth 43 from Dark Matter, Wally reaches Roy, and finds out he's dying. Desperate, he tells him he failed him again, because he was not able to save him. Roy answers him back: when you put on the mask, you also put your life on the line.

With this words, Wally understood he should not think to Roy as his victim, but as a great hero that lost his life. As he travels again to another world in need, Tempus Fuginaut observes him, and is happy to see he is recovering. It's good to be able to make a hero find his heart.

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