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"Chapter Four: Flash of Two Worlds": Inside an Incursion Point

Quote1.png I have two worlds to try and separate before they destroy each other. I can't do that without this staff. I can't do that... without you. Quote2.png
The Flash

Flash Forward #4 is an issue of the series Flash Forward (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2020. It was published on December 18, 2019.

Synopsis for "Chapter Four: Flash of Two Worlds"

Inside an Incursion Point

Wally finds himself together with Tempus Fuginaut, in an incursion point, a place between universes. There, Tempus can monitor the situation of the disease spreading from the Dark Multiverse. Wally would like to know what it means being unmoored and why he was chosen to be the one to save reality from this, but Fuginaut tells him there is no time for that, and he must go. Wally approaches two Earths, Earth 13 and Earth 32, which are merging thanks to Dark Matter, while Tempus is in pain: it's not a good task to be the one to shape the fate of such a noble soul. While he travels, Wally experiences a painful flashback: himself in his bed, joking with his two kids, Jai and Iris, and with his beloved wife, Linda. But just like before Flashpoint, everything disappears...

Between Earth 13 and Earth 32

It seems every time he enters another world, Wally must find some kind of Superman. This time, it's the Superdemon Etrigan, member of the League of Shadows. He does not trust the words of Wally about being there to save his world, but believes Wally is the cause of all the drama. Then, while he's trying to reach the Staff of Tempus, knocked out by a blow from the Superdemon, another strange hero attacks him: it's Starro-Fire, a member of the Outlaws of Justice.

As he's able to get away from the clash when the League of Shadows and the Outlaws of Justice start fighting each other, Wally tries to reach the Staff, but another speedster, Lightspeed from Earth 32, takes it. She's Linda Park, another one, but still the woman he loved, and loves still. Wally makes her see that he can utilize the Speed Force in ways beyond Linda's understanding, and with those powers he also, maybe unwillingly, shows her moments of the past he lost. Trusting him, Linda and Wally seal the Dark Matter away, separating the two worlds. Could it be that he is unmoored because he lost Linda and his children, the ones keeping him on the ground?

Finding himself on Earth 32, Linda thanks him and tells him to stop one day, to teach her the secrets of the Speed Force. But Wally tells her there is only one version of Linda Park he loves. The Linda of Earth 32 gives him a kiss goodbye, and Wally runs to his next planet to save. Then, he's transported to this next world, and here he finds statues of all his victims in Sanctuary: could this be a sign he is finally in the right place, where he will learn his true fate? In that moment, two familiar voices call him: the one of his children. In tears and joy, Wally hugs Jai and Iris, but his princess tells him to run, the fastest he can. What danger were they facing?

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