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"Chapter Five: Reunion": The World who survives the Dark

Quote1.png I never thought I would see them again. Quote2.png
Wally West referring to Jai and Iris

Flash Forward #5 is an issue of the series Flash Forward (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2020. It was published on January 15, 2020.

Synopsis for "Chapter Five: Reunion"

The World who survives the Dark

In the end, Wally is finally there: the planet which refuses to die. The one Fuginaut told him he must reach. And here, he found them again: his children, Jai and Iris. This time, no matter what happens, he will save them, bringing them back with himself. They fight the Dark Matter and try to escape, but soon both Jai and Iris are taken by the dark, and disappear. Enraged beyond possibility, Tempus Fuginaut appears and is attacked by Wally, who wants to know everything. Tempus tries to explain, but the rage of Wally is overwhelming, so he summons the Mobius Chair, the one thing who told him to find Wally.

Touching it, Wally finally understands why he is unmoored: after Flashpoint took him from his reality and hurled him into the Speed Force, he run, and run again, until he was not attached to any reality. And he was attached to all of them. He was unmoored, without a reality to be his anchor because all realities were. And then, he asks to the Fuginaut why him, and why his sons again, but then he realizes: this world was not dying, because it was the one spreading the disease. And him, Wally West, the Flash, was the one who created it, out of his worst fear: losing Iris and Jai. To save the Multiverse from the disease, he must destroy this world, and only he can. But how can he do this, if it means forever renouncing to his daughter and his son?

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