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"Chapter Six: Nothing ever ends": Inside the Dark world created by Wally West

Quote1.png He is creation...he is doomsday...he is the clock ticking on the Multiverse. We share his vision. Quote2.png
Wally West merged with the Mobius Chair

Flash Forward #6 is an issue of the series Flash Forward (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2020. It was published on February 19, 2020.

Synopsis for "Chapter Six: Nothing ever ends"

Inside the Dark world created by Wally West

Wally is living together with the children he once again found: Iris and Jai, his daughter and his son. He's never been happier in all of his life. But he knows this won't last: if he decides to keep living here, with them, he will condemn all reality to be swallowed by Dark Matter. It seems that, given he was the father of this world, he also passed to his world the ability to correct himself faster then Entropy, making it unable to be destroyed naturally. And this makes it the center of a plague who might kill every single planet existing.

Wally West is a hero, and knows what he has to do: sit on the Mobius Chair, destroying this world and becoming a new creature, with no memories, no past, no identity of himself. He makes Tempus Fuginaut promise a thing: he must bring his children home. Tempus accepts it, and Jai and Iris are able to witness the ultimate sacrifice of the Flash, renouncing to himself, to his own identity, for the greater cause.

Earth 0. Central City

Linda Park is talking on her cellphone about her show, while Tempus Fuginaut materializes and leaves Jai and Iris there. And in a moment, everything comes back in the mind of Linda: her son, her daughter, the love for them and for Wally West. Their life together. He is once again that Linda Park, the one in love with the Flash and that built a family with him. Getting out of his house in tears, she embraces Iris and Jai again.

Somewhere, in the space between Universes

A new creature is born. It is Wally West. No, it was Wally West. Now it is Wally West, and something more. It is Wally West and the Mobius Chair, united. It saw all the people who sat on the Chair before: Batman. Owlman. Metron. It sees now a man, a man who obliterated Metron. He is creation, doomsday, a clock ticking on the Multiverse. It shares his vision. Speeding across time and space, they are combined something more than anyone who has ever been. Until now, the Chair was made to observe. But now, it is not: today is a new day. A new vocation. A new Wally West.

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