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Reverse Flash 036

"Say "there's nothing interesting about a guy who just runs fast" ONE MORE TIME"

It is important to know your Flashes, and know which one you're reading about. Jay Garrick was the original Flash during the Golden Age. His solo stories are mostly antiquated, but he appears regularly as a member of the Justice Society. Barry Allen is the classic modern Flash, whose first appearance marked the beginning of the Silver Age. Allen was a member of the Justice League, and died during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. He was resurrected over twenty years later and has headlined several series' since then. Wally West was the original Kid Flash, and took over as a replacement when Barry Allen died. West is known for being the most relaxed and humorous Flash. Bart Allen was originally Impulse, then grew up to become the second Kid Flash, and became the Flash temporarily when Wally was missing.

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Further reading[]

  • Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge by Geoff Johns involves the Rogues returning home after a year on the run. They are forced to take back their titles, and battle Libra's Secret Society of Super-Villains.
  • The Flash: Blitz by Geoff Johns is an epic storyline to celebrate issue #200 of the ongoing series. Wally West gains a new arch-nemesis when his close friend becomes a new Reverse-Flash, calling himself Zoom.
  • The Flash: Dead Heat by Mark Waid has every speedster other than the Flash lose their powers. Wally West must fight Savitar, the leader of a speedster cult who is determined to kill every other speedster.
  • The Flash: Emergency Stop by Grant Morrison and Mark Millar is a brief experimental run that takes Wally West in some imaginative new directions, inspired by the creativity of the Silver Age.
  • The Flash: Flashpoint by Geoff Johns involves Barry Allen thrust into an alternate timeline where he is no longer The Flash. Professor Zoom alters history to erase his enemy, and Barry must team up with Batman to restore reality.
  • The Flash: Full Throttle is the second and final arc with Bart Allen as The Flash. Inertia and the Rogues work together to give the new Flash the greatest fight of his life.
  • The Flash: Ignition by Geoff Johns takes place when the Spectre erases everyone's memory of the Flash's secret identity. This includes Wally West, who must remember who he is.
  • The Flash: The Return of Barry Allen by Mark Waid involves Barry Allen supposedly returning from the dead. Wally West is excited to have his mentor return, but quickly learns this man might not be what he seems.
  • The Flash: Rogue War is Geoff Johns' final arc on Wally West. The story involves the Rogues splitting into multiple factions and tearing the Flash's city apart through war.
  • The Flash: Terminal Velocity by Mark Waid is a story that involves Wally West teaming up with every other speedster to battle Kobra. This story also introduces the Speed Force when Wally begins to run so fast that he's in danger of never coming back.
  • The Flash: The Trial of the Flash by Cary Bates is a Bronze Age story that involves Barry Allen put on trial for murdering Professor Zoom.

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