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While Iris, Barry, Wally, and Wallace are in the garage, the Renegades arrive and demand the arrest of Iris West for killing [[Eobard Thawne (Prime Earth)|E

Quote1 It's time that I embraced the truth. Thawne was right. The Flashes do not deserve my faith. They deserve nothing. If the Flashes refuse to see the road to being a better hero...then I will take them down a road...to WAR! Quote2
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Flash War is a four-part storyline that stars Barry Allen, Wally West, and Hunter Zolomon.


While Iris, Barry, Wally, and Wallace are in the garage, the Renegades arrive and demand the arrest of Iris West for killing Eobard.[1][2]

Wally takes Iris and runs, which leads to a chase. During the fight, Wally has a Temporal Seizure. Commander Cold's offer to help, as long as Iris also comes. Everyone agrees to go and they arrive in the 25th Century. They all arrive to the Temporal Courts, but during travel, Wally seemingly gets separated from the rest and ends up at the Flash Museum, where he meets Zoom (Hunter Zolomon).[2]

Since Wally's return from the Speed Force, his memory has been causing reality issue for him. What he believes to be present might not be there in the actual world. Along with the Temporal Seizures, he gains memories of his children: Irey and Jai. [3]

Back in the Flash Museum, Hunter tells him he wants to help him. Wally learns of Hunter's part in his previous life and suspects he has taken his kids. Hunter assures him he is a changed man and hasn't done anything wrong. Back at the Temporal Courts, Barry believes someone is after his family and begins a pursuit after them.[3]

Hunter continues to try to persuade Wally and, with the arrival of Barry, it proves successful. Hunter tells him others are trapped in the Speed Force, and Wally believes him. Hunter says the only way to free them is to break the Speed Force. Through Barry's disapproval, Wally agrees to. He runs off and Barry follows.[3]

Hunter, showing his true colors, deceives Commander Cold and teleports away, causing the 25th Century to being to crumble. Barry catches up to Wally. The two start an argument about what to do; Barry disapproving of his methods and Wally persisting. Wally then runs away and Barry runs after him, starting a race between the two.[3]

As Barry and Wally race across the world, Steve Trevor and Amanda Waller call on the Justice League to stop their feud. Wally continues to believe Hunter, and Barry is helpless to dissuade him. Around the world, the natural forces are wreaking havoc. The Justice League arrives and tries to stop them, but they all fail.[4]

The two run as fast as they can, and soon later cause a massive disruption in the Speed Force. They meet up with the Justice League as they're soon taken out by Zoom. He explains he lied to Wally to get them both to break the force barrier. He says he has seen the future and needs a hero to be there to save everyone from it. He shows off the brand new Strength Force and Sage Force he acquired, puts on Barry's old flash suit, and claims himself as "The Flash." [4]


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