"Flashpoint": Barry Allen laments that he might be responsible for Wally West's super-speed coma, as a member of his team James Jesse stole the artifact responsible under his charge.

Quote1.png There are no other chances. One shot. One short life. That's it. We get what we get and we deal with it... as we mark time towards oblivion. Quote2.png
Barry Allen

Flashpoint #2 is an issue of the series Flashpoint (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2000. It was published on November 3, 1999.

Synopsis for "Flashpoint"

Barry Allen laments that he might be responsible for Wally West's super-speed coma, as a member of his team James Jesse stole the artifact responsible under his charge.

Ralph Dibny continues to investigate Allen Industries, and his mysterious client floats outside the window late at night watching him at home with his wife.

President Kennedy listens to Barry and Vandal Savage report the situation, having lived through ten consecutive terms thanks to world peace and Savage's recipe for immortality. They worry that Jesse is planning some sort of terrorist activity with the stolen martian artifact.

Iris West is forced to bury her nephew when he dies, and Barry remarks at the godless nature of the universe during the funeral. He then uses his sub-space transport technology to visit their deep space probe The Odysseus, which he uses as a private sanctuary. There he dreams of the life he might've had if his livelihood hadn't been taken, envisioning the Justice League and other members of the Flash Family.

Dibny roughs up forger Paul Gambi, who admits that Jesse visited him for a new identity and a passport to Brazil. In the back alley on the way out, Martian Manhunter approaches and finally reveals himself as Dibny's mysterious client. He shares the horrible importance of the artifact with Dibny, and then they find James Jesse together dead at the bottom of a river.

Surprisingly, it turns out that Vandal Savage was evil the entire time. Leonard Snart had been working as his top scientist to duplicate Barry Allen's speed, never intending to cure him. They kept several clones of Wally West, most of whom died horrible deaths, for experimentation. Just as Savage realizes the significance of the artifact, the last surviving clone escapes from his prison.

The insane Wally West clone visits the Flash-Space Museum and steals an old costume, believing himself to be the Flash. West attempts to confront Barry and Iris after half-destroying their building, but runs away due to emotional inner turmoil. In the confusion, Dibny approaches the two and tells them what he knows from the martian.

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