Fleet Delmar also known as Karma was once an insane Markovian terrorist who now wears a psychic helmet that allows him to read the minds and anticipate the moves of his opponents. It also additionally allows him to absorb energy and use it again.

Years ago, Fleet Delmar went on a rampage across Markovia, claiming to be a freedom fighter and it's savior. While attempting to escape from the scene of his attack, his car was crashed by Batman. Batman then defeated him and in order to make him feel real fear as payback for his crimes, he doused him with fear gas and called a swarm of bats to attack him. The bats then allegedly tore out his eyes and left him badly scarred.[1]

In the current day, he made a deal with the arms dealer Martina Dementieva and purchased an alien helmet that gave him the ability to read minds, absorb and redirect energy and see again. He went to Gotham City in order to hunt Batman. First he kidnapped Batman's number one fan, Darin Griffith and used him as bait to lure out one of Batman's allies, Signal. He then blew up the building, killing Darin and injuring Duke and then put a flash drive in his suit for Batman.[2]

Delmar then continued to taunt Batman by attacking another one of his allies, Orphan, but decided not to hurt her after reading her thoughts and seeing her potential as a killer. He tried to convince her to join him, but was interrupted by Black Lightning. Karma absorbed his lighting before throwing a sonic bomb at him and knocking him out. Meanwhile, Batman tried to attack him from behind but was quickly shot down by Karma using the electricity he had absorbed. Before leaving, he left Batman a hint to his real identity and told him that all of his allies had softened him.[3]

Karma then boarded a school bus and after killing the driver abducted all the children in it. He then went to the news studio where he killed everyone except the anchor and then forced her to broadcast a message to Batman before burning her alive. Batman arrived shortly afterwards, and while Orphan and Black Lighting saved the children, Batman fought Karma. Karma anticipated his moves and defeated him, but while he was knocked down, Batman managed to quickly stab Karma with a rocket Batarang that threw Karma out the window.[4]

Delmar next went into Wayne Tower and held the security guard and the facility hostage along with a group of mercenaries. Batman once again confronted Karma while the other fought the mercenaries, but already knew he would lose. So instead, after being defeated, he revealed that he was just making Karma read his mind, and using that against Karma, Batman gave Karma all his memories. This created a feedback that overloaded his brain and caused him to lose all of his memory.[5]

However, shortly afterward, he was retrieved by Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins. They used the Lazarus Pit to recover Karma's memory and fix his mind. He was then sedated by Lady Shiva and put in one of Batman's bases in order to trick Orphan and Signal into thinking that Batman had secretly kept him in order to turn them against Batman and create mistrust. Another member of the League, Ishmael, arrived and captured Signal for his new powers while Lady Shiva knocked her own daughter unconscious and took Karma away.[6]

Now working for the League, Karma was sent along with Ishmael and Kaliber to fight the Outsiders after they captured Martina Dementieva. They managed to kill her before she could reveal anything. In the ensuing fight, Signal used his new dark energy powers to blind Karma, while Orphan attacked him and knocked him out. However, Kaliber then detonated numerous bombs around the town, forcing the Outsiders to let them go in order to help the innocents.[7]

Following their defeat, Kaliber, Karma and Ishmael returned back to Ra's and they went to Khadym, a country operated by the League. They were able to use Karma's helmet to trace the alien signal back to a part of the desert called the middle sands. They found the crashed alien spacecraft that Martina had gotten her alien weapons from, which sitting in their backyard the whole time. After killing the arms dealers there, Ra's entered the ship, where he found an orb capable of granting it's user geokinetic abilities. Realizing that he could do whatever he wanted with this orb, he decided that Kaliber and Karma outlived their purpose. He killed them by impaling them with his swords. He then commanded Ishmael to wait for the Outsiders until they arrived in order to send them a message before killing himself.[8]





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