In the mid-60s, Flex Mentallo operated as a superhero, battling the supervillains of the time with his mastery of "Muscle Mystery". At one point in his career, he fell in love and married a woman named Dolores. Flex kept no double identity, and was a well known figure in his hometown. One day, while on a picnic with Dolores, Flex heard a small boy crying for help and went to investigate. Discovering the boy, Flex saw the child's kitten was stuck in a tree and used his powers to get it down. Unfortunately, what had seemed to be a routine superhero moment was in reality a trap. Flex was captured by the Bureau of Normalcy and held prisoner for decades, restrained so he couldn't use his powers to escape.

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  • Muscle Mytsery: Flex Mentallo derives his powers from a strange energy source known to him as the "Muscle Mystery". Flex is capable of doing more or less anything by flexing his muscles.[1]
    • Reality Alteration: By flexing his muscles Flex Mentallo can manipulate reality. He was able to materialize a flower as well as picnic by flexing his muscles. While his powers were restrained he was still able to tear a hole in a wall and then repair the damage done by flexing his muscles. Once again while in this restrained form Flex was able to send a man flying across a room multiple times by flexing his eye muscle. Finally in a fit of rage Flex was able to burst all of the lights in a surrounding city by flexing his muscles.[1]



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