As a "head hunter" for Pan-Galactic Placement Services, it was the job of the mercenary called Flicker to track and capture formidable warriors for a slavery ring.

After the capture of Star Sapphire by Flicker's assistants, the Zamaron queen was processed as all other warriors and leased to Chieftain Kreon of Tebis. The Teban military leader planned to use Star Sapphire's power and ferocity to spare hundreds of his Teban soldiers from entering battle with their enemies, the Quahooga.

Later scouting for war-slaves in the orbit of Stoneworld, Flicker captured Brik, a member of the Green Lantern Corps. From Brik's interview, Flicker learned she had been searching for candidates to join the Corps and Flicker soon captured Aa and Kworri of Stoneworld, and Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of Earth. During Jordan's interview Flicker learned of his connection to Carol Ferris, the alter ego of Star Sapphire. Flicker hoped to use Jordan to tame Sapphire and possibly collect more Green Lanterns. To this end he engineered Jordan's freedom, making the veteran Green Lantern and his three recruits think they had escaped.[1]

Flicker went to Kreon to look for the Tebans' support in his designs to start his own business. Once he believed Kreon would be willing to back him he returned to his employer, but to discover his employer was furious for letting Jordan to escape. Once Flicker knew his employer was now a liability to him, Flicker killed him. Following Flicker's plans, Kreon sacrificed one of his ships to be taken prisoner by Green Lantern Kworri. They were fed information regarding the whereabouts of Star Sapphire to prompt a response from Hal Jordan. As Flicker anticipated, Jordan charged in to save the comatose Carol Ferris but Flicker was ready to use her life as a bargaining chip. Unfortunately for Flicker, Aa spoiled his weapon trained on Star Sapphire and forcing him to escape. Kreon's command yacht was torn apart in the battle.[2]

When Star Sapphire had also escaped, Flicker was determined to reclaim her. He was preparing to capture her when Kreon's forces attacked him. Confused and angered, Flicker appeared aboard Kreon's ship to confront the Teban. Kreon considered their contract no longer valid as he blamed the mercenary for the loss of his command yacht. Flicker resented Kreon turning on him and instead turned to Star Sapphire as an ally, which he taught her the weaknesses of Kreon's smaller, more vulnerable spacecraft to lure Jordan out once more and dealt with Kreon as well.[3] Flicker joined with others from the Pan-Galactic Placement Services and move in capturing the nine-member Green Lantern Corps and Star Sapphire and to be sold as slaves to the highest bidder. However, the mercenary did not realize Kreon would defend the Corps. At Kreon's command, Flicker's ship was fired upon, making it visible to the Green Lanterns in which Flicker was then subdued by Hal Jordan.[4]

Flicker escaped sometime afterwards and was reduced to rebuilding his trade on worlds he considered beneath his notice, such as Earth. On Earth he was hired by the Crosswind Corporation to remove anyone who might learn Crosswind's connection to Carol Ferris, in which Flicker abducted Tom Kalmaku and later, Green Arrow.[5] Eventually, Flicker's abduction caught the attentions of Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris. Flicker caught Carol Ferris and brought her to her mother, who had secretly been behind the Crosswind Corporation. Flicker soon fought against Jordan and a freed Green Arrow, which resulted in Flicker forcing to flee.[6]

Sometime later, Flicker recovered his wealth and founded Flicker City, a massive city in space that was constructed in the midst of an asteroid field. Flicker was inadvertently contacted by Obsidian, a member of the Justice League. Obsidian's team were trapped on an alien space station known as Refuge. The station was hurtling through space with dwindling life support when Yazz, the erstwhile guardian of the aliens on Refuge, hit upon the idea of having Obsidian spread his shadow self through space while tracing certain "vibes" and projecting thoughts to let their contact know they were available. Neither Obsidian nor the rest of the Justice League realized who was going to come to their "rescue", in which Flicker was able to enslave the aliens and Justice Leaguers on Refuge.[7] Flicker's hold of the Justice League, however, was fleeting as Power Girl was able to break her prison and in turn her friends were able to free themselves which then led to the denizens of Flicker City to revolt against their master. In response, Flicker threatened to blow the atmosphere into space and kill all aboard Flicker City before he was incapacitated by Nuklon. Some time later, the Justice Leaguers were able to return to the Refuge and make repairs to enable them to return to Earth.[8]

Flicker would later break free and would be seen in an alien bar under the Thames River where he came to accept a contract from an agent named Loragg. However, the contract wads already accepted by John Stewart, who was posing as Hunger Dog. Flicker attacked Hunger Dog in an attempt to defeat him and get the contract, but was quickly bested. In order to not blow his cover, John then stabbed and killed the defeated Flicker.[9]




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