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The creature known as the Flood is one of the last known Space Krakens of the planet Ankhis. One of a once great many bred and raised by the fallen sea god Drogue for the purpose of waging intergalactic war, it became the last known Kraken with the ability to commandeer a planets oceans without inflicting absolute death in any of the waters that it touched.[1]

Drowned Earth

Once the call was sent out to the Graveyard of Gods by the Legion of Doom after killing Poseidon.[2] The resurrected Sea Gods dispatched the Flood from their iteration of Mt. Olympus called The Blood Reef.

From there the Flood would set about changing and manipulating Earth's oceans in secret without any prior knowledge of the Justice League.

Only choosing to strike at the most opportune moment while they were searching for clues about Poseidon's death and the whereabouts of a Key to the divine Hades.[3] After transforming Firestorm into a sea creature, just before jettisoning Aquaman and Wonder Woman to the Blood Reef. The Sea God's alien armadas descended upon the world that the kraken began sinking into its transformative waters.[1]

Its tainted water constitution subtly affected everything and everyone on the planet, even while it was a universe away. Standing beside its master as they taunted an imprisoned Aquaman.[4]

One of the first cities Flood struck out against was the newly risen Atlantis, transforming scores of its citizens into mindless oceanic chimera as its queen fought to stem the tide.[4] Superman moved in to halt its advance, but it was only temporarily stunned. As the creature quickly reformed itself just as The Flash ran right into its mouth.[1]




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