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Floyd Gomez was a citizen of the Gem Cities and the boyfriend of Marissa Rennie.

During a fight between Captain Cold and the Flash, the ferry that Floyd was aboard was torn apart. The section that Floyd was on was accidentally thrown into the Speed Force. He, along with Marissa Rennie, Albert Lim, and Iris West remained in the Speed Force for several months.[1]

The four were eventually rescued and returned to Earth by the Flash.[2] All four were gifted, in some way, with Speed Force powers.[3]

Soon afterwards, Floyd adopted the name Sprint and Albert Lim adopted the name Turbo Charger. Their initial foray into the super-hero arena, an attempt to capture Trickster, was a failure. Flash suggested to them that they cease their efforts.[4]

Floyd was the third member of the quartet to be murdered by the Reverse-Flash.[5]