Quote1 The world's greatest detective dies at the hands of the world's greatest assassin. Quote2
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Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot, was a lethal military sniper with a long list of assassinations, but according to his records, he often takes unnecessary risks or makes his plans unnecessarily complex.

Perhaps this is why he was discharged from service and took up mercenary work. Though his military record is mostly redacted, his physiological profile suggests he harbors deep feelings of guilt regarding his accidental murder of his own brother.

Deadshot was one of the assassins that was hired by the Joker to kill Batman. Deadshot was holed up in the Merchants Bank with a hostage. Batman quickly took out the other gunmen before taking out Deadshot.

The only target he has ever missed is Batman, an error he intends to correct to maintain his perfect record.

Years later, he was hired by Professor Hugo Strange to assassinate political prisoners with sensitive information about Huge Strange or Arkham City itself. Using the very faint traces of evidence he left at each of his sniping positions, Batman was eventually able to track down Lawton, spoil an assassination attempt, and capture him.




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