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Quote1.png You don't kill as many people as I've killed and still sleep like a kitten if you feel shit like love. Quote2.png
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Floyd Lawton, better known as Deadshot, is one of the greatest marksmen on the planet. Level-headed, snarky, and aggressive, but with a sincere compassion with his daughter, he was a member of the original incarnation of the Suicide Squad.[1]


  • Firearms: Deadshot is a master marksman who has a reputation of never missing his target. He is even said to be lethal from 4 kilometers away. Deadshot's aiming is so great, he can easily calculate the right trajectory of his aim, to ricochet bullets.[1]
  • Weaponry: Deadshot is trained in countless different types of guns, although he prefers to use his wrist mounted guns and assault rifle.[1]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic)[1]
  • Mathemathics

  • Floyd's birthday is listed as December 4, 1987 on the A.R.G.U.S. official website, however in the film, his birthday is listed as April 12, 1987 on Amanda Waller's file.



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