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Quote1 That's yer problem, lady. You believe people can be cured, be made healthy, be made normal -- that they can be saved. That they should be saved. But maybe the only way to cure some people is with a bullet between the eyes. Quote2
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Floyd Lawton is Deadshot, known as the world's deadliest marksman. His weapons of choice are two guns mounted on each wrist. He began his career as a vigilante in Gotham City, but he later became a highly-priced assassin and mercenary. He has been a core member of the Secret Six and the Suicide Squad.


Floyd Lawton grew up as a member of the idle rich.[1] His father George Lawton made money in real estate, and his mother Genevieve Pitt belonged to a family of wealthy bankers.[2] His brother Edward Lawton was a golden child, described as the opposite of Floyd.[3] Both parents doted on Edward while treating Floyd poorly, but Floyd still grew up idolizing his older brother.[4] George was unfaithful and cruel to Genevieve, so she asked her sons to kill their father. Eddie locked Floyd in the boathouse when Floyd tried to warn his father. Floyd broke out and grabbed his hunting rifle. Eddie had already shot their father in the second-floor library, paralyzing George for life, and was preparing to kill him. Floyd climbed a tree and aimed to disarm his brother, but a branch snapped and he shot Eddie between the eyes. He killed the brother he loved to save the father he hated. This incident was covered up to avoid dishonoring the family name. George denied Genevieve a divorce and forced her to live alone on a small stipend.[5]

Some time after that, Lawton sought the training of the professional assassin David Cain, who instructed Lawton and taught him his marksmanship abilities.[6]

The Man Who Replaced Batman

Deadshot 0022

Perfect Aim

Floyd Lawton moved to Gotham City, where he started living as a millionaire playboy. Wearing a domino mask, top hat, and tuxedo, he became the gun-toting vigilante Deadshot. Deadshot worked closely with Commissioner Gordon during Batman's absence. He became popular enough that they built a "Deadshot Signal" to replace the Bat-Signal. Batman investigated Deadshot and found that he was in cahoots with criminals to distract police from more serious crimes. During the final confrontation, Deadshot was unable to kill Batman, as the Dark Knight had tampered his weapons.[1] Lawton was arrested and sent to prison.[7]

Strange Apparitions

 Main article: Batman: Strange Apparitions

Years later, Deadshot broke out of prison after becoming a hardened convict, who no longer cared about hurting innocent bystanders. He blamed Batman for ruining his life and tried to kill him wearing a new red suit with wrist-mounted guns. Their battle took them to a convention hall where Batman defeated Deadshot on top of a Giant Typewriter.[8]

Deadshot 0016

Upgraded Costume

A short time later, Rupert Thorne broke Deadshot out of prison and hired him to assassinate Bruce Wayne, who he believed was Batman.[9] The Human Target was hired to pose as Bruce Wayne while Batman fought Deadshot. When Deadshot saw them together, he tried to kill both of them, but the Human Target took him down. This proved to Thorne and a suspicious Vicki Vale that Bruce was not Batman.[10]

Later, Batman visited Deadshot in prison for information on Thorne and broke him out when he learned the corrupt warden wanted them both dead.[11] Deadshot was held prisoner in the Batcave, blindfolded so he did not know its location.[12] Much later, Deadshot was hired to kill Julia Remarque as part of a plot with Syrian terrorists. Deadshot and the whole terrorist organization was defeated by Batman with help from Julia and Alfred Pennyworth.[13][14]

Deadshot was seen as a member of the super-villain army during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, where he was defeated by the Creeper.[15] Batman later received a note that said "Know your foes," so he used the Batcomputer to educate Jason Todd on many villains including Deadshot.[16] Ra's al Ghul released every super-villain in Gotham's prison and Arkham Asylum on Batman's first anniversary. Deadshot helped the Joker take over GCPD Headquarters, but Batman stopped them and Talia al Ghul took down Deadshot.[17]


 Main article: Legends

Deadshot was arrested by The Flash while pulling a robbery in Manhattan.[18] Amanda Waller sent Bronze Tiger and Rick Flag to visit him in Riker's Island, offering him a pardon if he would come to work with Task Force X.[19] Deadshot was placed as a member of the new Suicide Squad, and he killed their target Brimstone at Mount Rushmore with an experimental laser rifle.[20] He did not leave when the others were released after this mission.[21] Waller asked Deadshot to assassinate Captain Boomerang when Boomerang threatened to reveal the Suicide Squad to the public. Rick Flag knocked Deadshot's rifle out of the way, and had Enchantress solve the problem non-lethally.[22]

Suicide Squad

 Main article: Suicide Squad: Trial by Fire

Deadshot decided to stay with the Suicide Squad for personal reasons, living out of Belle Reve prison in Louisiana. His psychologist Marnie Herrs suggested that he joined the team because of a personal death wish.[23] Their next mission was attacking the Jihad in Qurac. Deadshot was supposed to neutralize Manticore, and he killed Manticore by shooting him in the face point-blank.[24] When Belle Reve was attacked by the Female Furies, Deadshot refused to help and said that security was not part of his deal.[25] He impersonated the racist vigilante William Hell to discredit him at a white power rally.[26] They were later sent to arrest Firestorm.[27] Deadshot was not allowed to kill, but he nearly murdered Blue Beetle out of anger before Rick Flag knocked him unconscious.[28] His ability to speak Russian was useful when they were sent to kidnap Zoya Trigorin in Moscow.[29] Enchantress went on a rampage, and he was forced to take her down with a non-lethal shot. This led to a shootout with the Russian army.[30] In their battle against the People's Heroes, Deadshot fought Molotov using random projectiles because he did not have a gun. Enchantress tried to kill the defenseless Deadshot in revenge, but Boomerang knocked her out.[31] In one of their therapy sessions, Deadshot accused Marnie Herrs of not caring about her patients and she slapped him in the face. He kissed her, then left and told her it did not happen.[32] Warden Economos sent the Squad to kill Manhunters during Millennium.[33] They battled androids in the swamp until Boomerang and Deadshot were both out of ammo, but they managed to survive the encounter.[34] The Squad did not receive credit for this victory.[35] Deadshot had to fight his oldest enemy when Batman infiltrated Belle Reve. Batman was able to knock Deadshot out, but later said that he knows Deadshot was pulling his shots for Waller.[36]

Rick Flag disobeyed Waller and took the Suicide Squad to rescue Nemesis in Moscow. Waller angrily had the Justice League International sent to stop them.[37] Batman told Deadshot not to waste his time by pulling shots again, and Deadshot angrily relented. Mister Miracle tried to fight Deadshot, but Deadshot won and held him at gunpoint. The teams stopped fighting, and Bronze Tiger had to hit Deadshot to stop him from executing Mister Miracle. His gun went off, but nobody was sure if this was intentional.[38] In his next therapy session with Marnie Herrs, Deadshot revealed that he had an ex-wife and son. He decided to stop seeing Marnie for therapy because of the sexual tension between them. Nightshade took everyone to a mission in the Land of the Nightshades, and they were captured by Incubus.[39] Incubus was bonded to Nightshade's brother Larry Eden, so Deadshot ended the fight by shooting Larry in the head.[40] They were next trapped in the Zero Zone, and Deadshot fought Zone creatures until Shade, the Changing Man helped them get home.[41] The Jihad returned and Deadshot was sent to neutralize their speedster Jaculi, so he shot her in the kneecap. Jaculi told him to kill her or she would come back for him, and Deadshot replied "I believe you" then killed her.[42]

Deadshot 0034

Deadshot avenges his son.


 Main article: Deadshot: Beginnings

Deadshot began taking more suicide missions, and he eliminated the last member of the gang he used to run with. He was sent undercover to kill a crimelord named El Jefe, and he slaughtered a plane full of gangsters then fell out as it crashed. Black Orchid rescued him. His ex-wife Susan Lawton asked him for help, and Deadshot decided to take a leave of absence from the Suicide Squad. Marnie Herrs took a leave of absence to follow him for answers about his past.[2]

Deadshot 0036

Deadshot cripples his mother.

Susan told Deadshot that their son Edward was kidnapped. Deadshot tracked down his old associates, who were holding his son until he completed an old contract. He refused to negotiate, and tortured the men to get the location of his son.[3] Deadshot went on a rampage killing everyone involved with the kidnapping of his son, including the expert sniper Pantha. Edward was trusted to a pedophile named Wes Anselm, who raped him and accidentally killed him. Deadshot arrived too late and executed Anselm.[4] This led him to the real mastermind, his mother Genevieve Pitt. Deadshot's mother wanted him to kill his father George Lawton, completing the "contract" that led to the death of Deadshot's brother. Marnie Herrs convinced Deadshot not to kill his mother, and instead, he crippled her the same way his father was crippled. In the aftermath, Marnie encouraged Floyd to come back to therapy, but Floyd insisted there is no cure for what he was.[5]

Deadshot 0030

Deadshot kills Senator Cray.

Final Round

The Suicide Squad was blackmailed by Derek Tolliver and Senator Cray, so Rick Flag decided to assassinate both of them. Flag was unaware that Amanda Waller had already dealt with this situation privately.[43] Waller realized what he was planning, and sent the entire Suicide Squad to stop Rick Flag from killing Senator Cray "by whatever means necessary." Simon LaGrieve insisted that Deadshot was not mentally fit to go on this mission after the death of his son, but Waller ignored him. Deadshot found Rick Flag at the Lincoln Memorial, where Flag was holding Cray at gunpoint. He stopped Rick Flag by killing the senator himself, following his orders to the letter. Then he whispered to himself "Ed. I killed the old man this time. Did just like ma told me." The police arrived and Flag tried to take Deadshot away. Deadshot, with tears streaming down his face, said that he would take care of the police and threatened to shoot Flag if he did not run. There was a shootout on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and Deadshot was hit with many bullets, but he managed to survive. In the hospital later, Waller was furious that Deadshot killed Cray, and Deadshot replied that her orders should have been more clear.[44] Waller later had stress hallucinations about sending Deadshot on a mission in his unstable condition.[45]

The Phoenix Gambit

Lawton's uniform was stolen by an airport employee, who used it to commit many crimes and murders. Lawton was forced to kill the man with a bullet to the head. The shooting of his own "image" affected him greatly. For a while, he did not even fix the hole in his own uniform. While the suit had been lost, Lawton had threatened to kill his teammate Captain Boomerang, who he felt had been responsible due to drinking and missing their plane.

Some time before his last mission for the Suicide Squad, Count Vertigo asked him if he would kill him if asked (Vertigo, as a practicing Catholic, saw suicide as a cardinal sin). Deadshot agreed to consider it and reminded Vertigo with some regularity. After their final mission on Diabloverde, the two went off to a secluded area for the decision. Vertigo declined, a decision Deadshot accepted with no argument.

Suicidal Tendencies

 Main articles: The Kobra Kronicles and Superboy: Watery Grave

Kobra paid Deadshot one million dollars to assassinate Deathstroke and Peacemaker.[46] Deadshot attacked them in Switzerland, but they defeated him and explained that he was Kobra's next target. Peacemaker hired Deadshot for the price of one million and one dollars.[47] He worked with them and took revenge by shooting Kobra, but Kobra survived and Deadshot was captured by Gennifer Deveraux.[48] Kobra tried to brainwash Deadshot, and used him as bait to capture Deathstroke and Peacemaker.[49] Deadshot broke free and distracted Kobra while the others escaped. He killed Gennifer and they were able to destroy Kobra's base with help from Doctor Light and Katana.[50] Deathstroke was later framed for treason, and Sarge Steel sent Bronze Tiger and Deadshot to bring him in. Deadshot was able to capture Deathstroke by shooting several rounds into his chest while he was distracted by Bronze Tiger.[51] He was later hired again to help Deathstroke find nuclear weapons stockpiled by Crimelord.[52] Deadshot visited Vatican City to assassinate the Pope, but Wonder Woman stopped him and took him into custody.[53]

Amanda Waller put a new Suicide Squad together, to destroy the Silicon Dragons in Hawaii. Deadshot was forced to fight Knockout when he recruited her. They traveled to the underwater base of the cartel with Superboy.[54] He battled Stinger, who was supposed to be his equal, but Knockout pulled him away before they could test who was better.[55] Captain Boomerang was revealed to be working for Lady Dragon, so Deadshot tried to kill him. Deadshot shot Captain Boomerang in both his hands while he was holding onto a ledge. Superboy rescued Boomerang, but Deadshot still crippled his ability to throw. They blew up the facility and escaped.[56]

Killer Elite

 Main article: Underworld Unleashed

The demon Neron released every villain in Belle Reve, and took many including Deadshot to Hell. Deadshot was one of the villains to accept Neron's offer, making a literal deal with the devil.[57] He began working with the assassins Bolt, Chiller, Deadline, and Merlyn as a group called the Killer Elite. They were promised the power to kill their enemies if they spread mayhem for Neron. Each member was told to commit their dream assassination, and Deadshot chose to blow up a classroom of kindergarten students. He viewed this as a poetic statement to demonstrate the meaninglessness of life.[58] Obsidian blocked the bullets with his body, and pulled Deadshot into his shadow realm. Obsidian tried to tell Deadshot that they were not so different, and their inner pain came from the same place. Deadshot continued lashing out violently, so Obsidian knocked him out.[59] The Killer Elite were later seen trying to eliminate the Body Doubles, who they viewed as competition. Deadshot betrayed his team and pretended to get knocked out because he was secretly involved with Carmen Leno.[60]

The CIA recruited a new Suicide Squad to hunt down Hawk and Dove, under the authority of Loren Freitag.[61] Deadshot had a stand-off with Hawk's father Colonel Martens, and Dove took Deadshot down from behind.[62] He got into a sniper duel with Vigilante, and defeated her, but surrendered himself rather than murder a government agent.[63]

Brainwave invited Deadshot to become a member of the new Secret Society of Super-Villains. This was revealed to be a sting operation by the JLA, and every member was arrested.[64] Deadshot was seen imprisoned in Belle Reve when the JLA deal with a super-villain riot.[65] Two-Face hired Deadshot to kill Batman, and Deadshot shot Batman in the back so he fell off a building. Batman hunted Deadshot down, and Deadshot suggested they duel like the old west. Batman was quicker on the draw and he broke Deadshot's jaw with a batarang.[66]

Deadshot returned to Gotham when he was hired to kill the mob boss Lew Moxon. Moxon hired Zeiss as his bodyguard. Batman hunted Deadshot down, but Deadshot shot the batline and escaped.[67] Moxon was under heavy guard, so Deadshot manipulates Batman to get Moxon into the open. He slapped Moxon's daughter Mallory to the ground, and shot Moxon in the spine. Moxon was paralyzed from the waist down. Batman arrived and Deadshot was forced to escape before he could finish the kill.[68] He was next seen in the audience at a superhero fight organized by Roulette.[69]

The Joker was told he is dying, so he infected an army of super-villains with Joker Venom including Deadshot. The Killer Elite were sent to attack Iron Heights.[70] Deadline, Deadshot, and Merlyn killed a large number of guards until they were driven back by Gregory Wolfe. Deadshot used the venom to infect his old teammate Captain Boomerang. The Flash took Deadshot down with a punch to the face.[71] This was the Killer Elite's last mission.

General Rock's Suicide Squad

Deadshot was recruited by General Rock to become a member of his new Suicide Squad, which was developed in the aftermath of Our Worlds at War. There were several other new members that he worked closely with such as Blackstarr, Havana, Killer Frost, Major Disaster, Modem, and Reactron. They operated under the authority of President Luthor. This team was ultimately unsuccessful and they were disbanded.

War Games

 Main articles: Batman: War Games and Identity Crisis

The Penguin hired Deadshot as a bodyguard when every gang leader in Gotham was invited to a summit. This turned into a shootout, and Deadshot killed several men including Junior Galante while Penguin escaped.[72] They met Orpheus, and Deadshot caught up with his old friend Onyx.[73] Hush and Prometheus subdued Deadshot when they assaulted the Penguin.[74] Tarantula disarmed Deadshot and defeated him in physical combat when she invaded the Iceberg Lounge.[75]

Deadshot was part of a community of assassins who congregated on the Injustice Gang satellite.[76] He was the one who told this group that Doctor Light was mind-wiped, while they are hanging out and playing Risk.[77] Deadshot, Merlyn, and Monocle are attacked by the Justice League. Green Lantern trapped Deadshot in an energy construct, and Deadshot shot a ricochet bullet that sliced his own neck. This was a ruse to make him drop the construct, and Deadshot blinded the invulnerable hero by shooting him in the face. Despite this clever trick, he was captured by Superman.[78] These villains were prosecuted by Kate Spencer in court, but they avoided prison thanks to Deadshot's government connections.[79]

Urban Renewal

 Main article: Deadshot: Urban Renewal

Deadshot discovered he had a daughter, Zoe, who was being raised in a crime-filled area of Star City by her mother, Michelle Torres. Lawton decided to do right by this daughter and embarked on a lethal war on the local gangs that plagued the area. The series ended with Deadshot faking his death, having realized a normal life is not for him, but having mostly cleared up the area and having convinced Green Arrow to patrol it more regularly.

Secret Six

 Main article: Villains United

The Secret Six were banded together by a mysterious, shrouded character named Mockingbird (who was actually Lex Luthor) who offered a major reward for committing to the team and a severe punishment for not accepting membership. Deadshot was offered the reward of ruling North America; his punishment was to be the destruction of the neighborhood of his daughter and her mother. At the end of the mini-series, a stalemate was reached and Deadshot's status remained roughly unchanged from the end of his second mini-series. He remained a part of The Secret Six and was shown having reached a grudging friendship with another member, Catman. His share of the payment for the Six's mercenary work was stated to be sent in its entirety to his daughter and her mother. After the Six disbanded, Knockout commented in passing that he had returned to the Suicide Squad.

Salvation Run

 Main articles: Countdown to Final Crisis and Salvation Run

Deadshot and the Suicide Squad were assigned in rounding up supervillains for removal from Earth to a supposedly peaceful planet known as Cygnus 4019 (or Salvation) as part of Project Salvation. The group had encountered Pied Piper and Trickster several times, and each time failed to capture them. Deadshot made a solo effort to capture them, but the pair again eluded him.[80] Much later, Deadshot (breaking orders from Amanda Waller and Suicide Squad protocol) traced and attacked Piper and Trickster on a train outside of the Rocky Mountains. Given that the supervillains were aware of Project Salvation, Deadshot apparently killed The Trickster leaving Pied Piper on his own.[81] In Salvation Run #2, Deadshot and Bane were tricked and sent off to the prison planet along with the last batch of criminals. Before being sent to Salvation, Rick Flag Jr. stated to him as the Boom Tube closed that he could not have people like him on Earth. Deadshot vowed that if he ever returned to Earth, he would take his revenge on Rick. After helping fight off the Parademon invasion he managed to escape with the surviving villains in the teleporter [82].


 Main article: Secret Six: Unhinged

The Secret Six were later reunited with a new lineup including Bane, Catman, Jeannette, Rag Doll, and Scandal. Their first mission was trying to recover a "Get Out of Hell Free" card forged by the demon Neron, which was held by the vigilante Tarantula. This put them into conflict with the mysterious villain Junior, who sent an army of super-villains to kill them. Tarantula sacrificed herself to kill Junior.

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In his psychological profile, Marnie Herrs said that Floyd Lawton has strong self-destructive urges. Herrs believed that he was looking for a way to die, and he hoped the Suicide Squad would provide one. Despite this, she said there is another side of him that wants to be well and does not know how.[23] Captain Boomerang asks why he chooses to live in a prison cell, and Deadshot replies that "a bed's a bed."[29] He has described himself as similar to Rick Flag, and states that they are both "lone wolves" who "don't fit in the pack."[31] Herrs asks him about his sexual relationships, and he says that he exclusively visits prostitutes. He prefers sex to be simple like a business transaction, and hates figuring out what women want in relationships.[32]

Floyd Lawton had told Marnie Herrs that life means nothing to him. His brother was the only person he ever cared about. He claimed to have felt nothing, no guilt or remorse, when he killed his brother. He said the only life anybody really cares about is their own, and he does not even care about that. In his own words, he is "killing time, waiting to die." He tells Marnie that evil is real, and the only way to cure some people is with a bullet to the head. When his son was killed and he murdered the people responsible, he described this as a necessary action to protect his reputation. This was accompanied by an emotional outburst. Marnie Herrs accused him of being unable to admit his feelings because he could not deal with his own anger and grief.[5]


  • Demolitions[83]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)
  • Interrogation[84]
  • Intimidation[83][84]
  • Marksmanship: Deadshot is a master marksman, said to "never miss." He is skilled with a wide variety of firearms, including his wrist mounted guns, handguns, sniper rifles, high caliber assault rifles, and rocket launchers.[83] Deadshot once shot an apple off of Captain Boomerang's head with his eyes closed.[26] He was also able to intentionally graze the skull of a flying Enchantress, when asked to take her down non-lethally.[30] Deadshot was even able to match Green Arrow in a shootout against each other.[85]
  • Multilingualism: Floyd Lawton is bilingual. He learned to speak Russian as a youth.[29]
  • Peak Human Condition: Deadshot's senses and eyesight are at the peak of human potential, far exceeding that of a normal human being. He mentioned off-hand that he could keep track of each beat of a hummingbird's wings and could easily keep track of the movements of Captain Boomerang's son who was moving in short bursts of super-speed.[86]
  • Tactical Analysis[85]
  • Throwing: Deadshot can throw objects with deadly precision. When playing a game of darts with Green Arrow, both he and Deadshot hit the bullseye on every throw.[85]
  • Weaponry[83]

Other Characteristics


  • Wrist-mounted guns: Deadshot has a wrist-mounted gun on each arm. They fire magnum bullets when he presses a trigger button on his palm. They also contain a grappling hook that allows him to swing across buildings.[8]

  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-Two era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and no longer apply.
  • Floyd Lawton is known to have been friends with William Heller growing up.[26]
  • Deadshot's wrist-guns are inspired by the real life "Sleeve Guns" manufactured during WWII by the British Army's Station IX.
  • He claims to have been a card-carrying communist.[29]


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