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Floyd Lawton is an assassin for hire that goes by the name 'Deadshot'.

He is also a member of the Suicide Squad. In the middle of the street, Deadshot spotted Clark Kent and Cat Grant, and shot a straight forward bullet (passing and missing ever structure and person it could come in contact with) to Cat's car, which had exploded upon ignition. However, Clark was able to save Cat. Receiving orders, Deadshot made preparations for Clark to test him even more. Once she found Cat, as he was aiming to strike the final blow, Clark got there in time to stop him and save her. But unbeknownst to him, Deadshot had implanted a tracking mark in his skin using the bullet that "scraped" him. He was later freed from prison by Rick Flag and Plastique.

Deadshot joined Flag and Chloe Sullivan in saving the Watchtower Network heroes from the VRA.




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