The Fluviaats were the dominant species of the undersea kingdoms of Fluvian.


They were made up of two central races, the E'Fal and the O'Lav. Years ago, a member of the Green Lantern Corps came to Fluvian in search of a successor. He approached Lin Canar of the E'Fal and offered him membership in the Corps. Canar turned him down, citing that an accident of science bequeathed him with his own special abilities. The Lantern then turned to another E'Fal named Dob Zagil. Zagil accepted the honor and duties of a Green Lantern and pursued his new vocation with great earnest. Dob believed that all crime on Fluvian originated with the O'Lav and began arresting them indiscriminately, regardless of whether or not they were guilty of committing a crime. Lin Canar eventually realized what was going on and fought with Dob Zagil. Overpowering him, Lin took the Green Lantern Ring and became the new champion for their world.


Habitat: Underwater



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