Fluxus is a White Martian and one of the eight-such individuals who comprise the super-villain team known as the Hyperclan. Disguised as alleged "heroes" from another world, the Hyperclan sought to turn public opinion against Earth's super-hero populace, in particular, the JLA.

Primaid participated in an ambitious effort to terra-form the barren Sahara Desert, turning into a lush, fertile paradise. She also took part in the execution of a villain known as Judgment.[1]

In short order, however, the JLA came to realize that the Hyperclan were not benevolent creatures, but the first wave of a full-scale alien armada intent on conquering the planet.

Fluxus fought against Wonder Woman outside a Hyperclan watchtower in the Atlantic Ocean. Wonder Woman belted him across the jaw, sending him flying out into the middle of the ocean. Fluxus eventually revived and made his way to the Hyperclan headquarters at Z'onn Z'orr.[2]

During a second encounter with the JLA, Batman had learned of the Hyperclan's Martian origins and knew that he could defeat them with fire. Luring various team members into an ambush, Batman executed a series of surgical strikes, incapacitating them including Fluxus.

When the rest of the Hyperclan were defeated, the Martian Manhunter used his powers to wipe their minds and memories, forcing them to assume human forms. Providing them with new identities, he then sent them out to live as productive members of the human race.





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