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The Flying Boots was a trio of circus performers stranded on Dinosaur Island.


The Flying Boots started off known as the Flying Franks, brothers who formed a famous trio of trapeze artists.[1] Prior to the war they were attempting to get a high-wire act with Zig-Zag Zak's circus, however they would fail to impress him as he insisted on them showing him something new.[2] Shortly after their last performance, they were drafted into the military and after six months of training they were stationed out in the South Pacific, aiding in the military's campaign against Japan during World War II.[1]

Sent on a mission to find a missing raiding party landed them on Dinosaur Island, a remote island where pre-historic Dinosaurs still live. Using a combination of their military equipment and acrobatic skills the Flying Boots would succeed in rescuing the raider party and prevent their warship from being destroyed by a gigantic pre-historic creature.[1]

They would spend their off time entertaining the troops with their acrobatic skills until they are called on their second mission. This would send them out to the South Pacific again to find and destroy hidden Japanese weapons that have been shooting US fighter jets out of the sky. This would bring them once more to Dinosaur Island where they would find a cache of Japanese missiles that are being used to knock US planes out of the sky. The Flying Boots would then use the last of the enemy's own missiles to escape the island and parachute to safety.[3]

Still haunted by their rejection from Zig-Zag Zack, the Flying Boots would next go into combat to investigate why soldiers keep on disappearing on "Firework Island". This would land them once more on Dinosaur Island combating Dinosaurs. After escaping the island they'd be pulled out of the ocean by a rescue chopper carrying none other than Zig-Zag Zack, who has now become a commanding officer in the military. Zack would be unimpressed with the boys sensational "act" with Dinosaurs, and insists that they show him.[2]

They would continue to try and impress Zig-Zag Zack by using their acrobatic skills in combat, however this would fail to impress Zack who finds the stunts impractical for the circus. When they are once more dispatched to Dinosaur Island Zig-Zag Zack accompanies them, and the Flying Boots attempt to once more impress Zack with their acrobatic prowess in combat against the Dinosaurs, ultimately rescuing Zig-Zag Zack from multiple attacks from Dinosaurs. However, Zack suffers a blow to the head and upon recovering in the hospital has no recollection of the battle and still insists that the Flying Boots show him something that he hasn't seen before.[4]

The Flying Boots activities throughout the rest of the war remains unrevealed, additionally their post-war activities also remain unrevealed.



  • The Flying Boots are equipped with the standard gear assigned to soldiers fighting in the South Pacific during World War II. Notably, they have used parachutes in many of their missions.


  • The Flying Boots were usually transported by standard military aircraft and naval ships that were common during the Pacific Theater of World War II.


  • The Flying Boots were often armed with machine guns and grenades while on missions.

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