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Flying Fox was a Canadian superhero active during World War II with the Young All-Stars.


Flying Fox came from a First Nations tribe living in northern Canada, near the Arctic Circle. When a group of Nazis came for the tribe's help in fighting against the land's other citizens and Flying Fox's father, the tribe's chief, refused to help, the Nazis put him to death right in the sight of his son. Though he was also put to death by the Nazis himself, Flying Fox's grandfather revived him and taught him various mystical arts that would help him in his fight against the Nazis. Given a special masked cape that enabled him to fly and with the symbol of the flying fox painted on his chest; Flying Fox traveled to America where he aided the All-Star Squadron in their first encounter with Axis Amerika.

Young All-Stars

He shortly afterward was given probationary status as a member of the All-Star Squadron, joining the youth auxilary known as the Young All-Stars, and later was given full member status. During his time with the group, Flying Fox became acquainted with the ways of American culture.



  • Flying Fox Coat: He was also in possession of a cloak that allowed him to fly and protect him from severe atmospheric conditions such as cold.

Young All-Stars Vol 1



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