The Flying Sundial was a large hover-craft forged in the shape of a giant sundial.


The super-villain Chronos used this as one of several conveyances during his criminal career. He once used it to break into a vault in Powers City at which point he came into conflict with Justice League members Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. Chronos later used the Sundial to travel to the parallel dimension of Earth-Two where he stole a rare clock from a lighthouse. Superman and Aquaman tracked him to Earth-Two and apprehended him. Superman hoisted the Flying Sundial to shore upon his back.[citation needed]


  • The Flying Sundial was equipped with a steel dome that covered the platform, enabling Chronos the ability to travel in environments otherwise unsafe for humans (such as underwater).


  • The front of the Sundial contained a concealed jet, which could release a yellow mist into the atmosphere. While not a particularly useful weapon, it once proved advantageous against Green Lantern, whose powers were ineffective against anything colored yellow.

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