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Forager is one of the Bugs of New Genesis.

Forager lead a swarm of Bugs on a food raid on Supertown in search of sustenance for the coming winter. He came into a brief conflict with Orion and Lightray until Highfather resolved the situation by teleporting Forager and the Bugs to an underground grotto where they will find enough nourishing plant life to sustain themselves.

Forager and the Bugs were evacuated from New Genesis and teleported by Highfather to Earth after the detonation of the Omega Warhead had rendered the entire planet lifeless. The Bugs build their new hive in the underground subways of Metropolis and Forager occasionally lead the swarm in more food raids on grocery trucks and marketplaces.

When Earth fell to Darkseid, Forager and the Bugs allied with Orion and helped the New Gods in destroying the Anti-Life transmitter, freeing the planet from Darkseid. After the end of Darkseid's tyranny, Forager and his fellow Bugs helped in the reconstruction of Metropolis and were treated as equals with the New Gods.