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The second Forager was appointed by the All-Widow and Prime One as a new defender of the bugs of New Genesis after the death of the original Forager.

Early Days

Initially following her predecessor's footsteps, the new Forager befriended Orion before thwarting Mantis from uniting outcast bug tribes and using them to spark a nuclear war on Earth. However, Orion falsely believed that Forager II was killed during that conflict. In his rage, Orion transported Mantis's nuclear arsenal to New Genesis, where the missiles exploded above the central colony and decimated the bug population. Since then, Forager has distanced herself from Orion, while the bugs maintain a tentative peace with the New Gods.

Death of the New Gods

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She came to Earth to begin investigating a series of strange deaths relating to the Gods of New Genesis - in particular, the death of Lightray. Arriving in the city of Metropolis, the Forager found Daily Planet reporter Jimmy Olsen. She knew that Olsen had interacted with the New Gods in the past, and believed that he would be of great use to her. She need Olsen's help finding the missing souls of the deceased New Gods.





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