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The Force of July was a team of patriotic heroes pitted against the Outsiders.


Agents of the government espionage organization, the American Security Agency, the Force of July operated under the personal supervision of the ASA's director, B. Eric Blairman. The ASA's purpose — to eliminate all subversive activities contrary to the best interests of the United States— brought the Force into repeated conflict with the group known as The Outsiders, whom the Force wrongly believed were subversive agents. Each member of the Force possessed not only a unique super-power, but top government clearance and virtual carte blanche to use any means necessary to achieve their goals.

Not truly villains, the Force's members were simply fanatic in their patriotism. They did not realize that Blairman's motives were none-too-pure. Blairman had birthed Project Orwell, whose satellite would have enabled him to spy on people via their televisions. This brought the Force into conflict with the Outsiders, who destroyed a satellite. Afterward, the Force was left under a mountain of debris.

They resurfaced again after having been captured by the Soviets. The Outsiders traveled under Markovian protection to Moscow, and secured the release of the Force. The Soviets' secret objective was to collect information on the metahumans for the creation of their own super team. The results of this data later culminated in the creation of the People's Heroes.

When the Psycho Pirate (in the guise of Baron Bedlam) took over Markovia, he installed a puppet prime minister and allied with Abraham Lincoln Carlyle — the new financier of the Force of July. The Infinity, Inc. member, Skyman, was captured while visiting Markovia to scout movie locations. This prompted a team-up of the Outsiders and Infinity, and the inevitable clash with the Force of July.

The Force made their last stand against the Suicide Squad. Mayflower and Sparkler were pronounced dead. The others were critically injured. The three survivors served on one mission with the Suicide Squad; Silent Majority and Lady Liberty were both killed by Valland, an agent of Kobra. After that, Major Victory continued to serve on the Squad. He perished as well, as part of another suicide mission to stop Eclipso. The true identities and origins of most of the Force of July were never revealed and their existence was unknown to the general American public.

One Year Later

Recently, a government agency engineered second (and third generation) operatives named Major Victory, Lady Liberty and Silent Majority. This band was called Freedom's Ring before being absorbed by S.H.A.D.E.

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