The Forerunners were a sub-race of aliens that came into being more than twenty generations ago.


After the native populace of Earth decimated itself through civil war, the planet became a veritable wasteland, easy pickings for interplanetary armies to pick through the bones of it's own destruction. Nine of these planets (presumably the nine planets of the Sol system), sent delegates to the newly christened "War World" whereupon they established the Planetary Combat Treaty. Whenever one world had a dispute with another, rather than risk the destruction of their home worlds, they sent chosen warriors to War World to settle their differences. Following the resolution of such a dispute, the stout warriors would return to their respective worlds, leaving their dead and dying behind. These weakened survivors were ignored and many presumed that they died on the battlefields soon after. In truth though, these warriors lived on, carving out a society for themselves beneath the blasted ruins of the planet.

These survivors came from all nine planetary houses and they began to mate with one another. In a very short period of time, a new race was born from the nine intermingling bloodlines - the Forerunners. The Forerunners developed certain physiological traits inherited from their alien ancestors. For example, they developed low-range telepathy and the ability to camouflage themselves due to their Martian forebears.

A more powerful race of aliens known as the Monitors, the architects of the Planetary Combat Treaty began choosing Forerunners as their personal assassins whenever the need required it. One of the most prominent of these Forerunners was Viza'Aziv, a young warrior who grew up defending her people against Mercurian hunting parties.[1]

The Forerunners were eventually decimated when one of the Monitors enlisted the aid of the evil Dark Angel and had her eradicate nearly all life in the Earth-48 dimension. Viza'Aziv, the last of the Forerunners, became an agent of the Monitors' greatest adversary, Monarch.

Powers and Abilities


  • Telepathy: Forerunners possess low-range telepathy which proves to be a tremendous asset during combat. Their communal thoughts are all linked to a Forerunner elder known as the "Thought Mother".


Type of Government:


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Cultural Traits:

Thought Mother taught all of her followers to respect an enemy combatant and to pray for the soul of a fallen warrior.




The species that combined to make the Forerunners include the Martians, Saturnians, Mercurians, humans, and others.

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