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"Arkham War: The Bane Mutiny": In order to control the unrest in Gotham City, Kirk Langstrom has given his Man-Bat Serum and weapons to a select few, so that with the enhanced strength of the creatures they become, they can hold back the humans. Unfortuna

Quote1.png I've lived through the end of the word a lot in this town ... The Green taking over, earthquakes, plagues - Bullock and I would call it Apocalypse Wednesdays because it seemed like a weekly occurrence ... hell, it never seems to end around here. But in my experience, no matter how these freaks try to convince us otherwise ... the sun always rises eventually. I know it doesn't seem like it sometimes with the Bat around, but people here count on us. Especially in times like this. Quote2.png
James Gordon

Forever Evil: Arkham War #2 is an issue of the series Forever Evil: Arkham War (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2014. It was published on November 13, 2013.

Synopsis for "Arkham War: The Bane Mutiny"

In order to control the unrest in Gotham City, Kirk Langstrom has given his Man-Bat Serum and weapons to a select few, so that with the enhanced strength of the creatures they become, they can hold back the humans. Unfortunately, those defences are little match for Bane and his venomized army of soldiers from Santa Prisca that he has merged with the population of freed Blackgate Penitentiary inmates in a play to win control of Gotham away from the Arkham Asylum inmates. Currently, Kirk and his man-bats are facing down with Brute, who is surprised to fall to their attack. Kirk leaves those who survive with a message: science is always at war against ignorance.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Jim Gordon and Detective Pierce have been reduced to scouring for something to eat in an abandoned food truck - despite the worry that the meat may have gone bad in the interim. Jim advises Pierce that they can't afford to be choosey, but assures her that the sun will rise - it always does. In the meantime, though, he has a very stupid plan for the pair of them that will go down tonight.

Nearby, Penguin parlays with Bane, commiserating over the death of Brute, who trod too far into Man-Bat territory. Despite the fact that Brute ought not to have been in their territory, Penguin has taken it upon himself to search each of the territories for the dead, and retrieve their bodies. Moving on, Bane assumes that Scarecrow has already been to see Cobblepot, and further assumes correctly that Penguin intends to play both sides in the conflict - a self-interested motivation of which he approves. So, with that in mind, he offers the terms by which he will allow it. When the Arkhamites come to Penguin for protection, Penguin will come to him with information. In return for his compliance, Penguin offers a price: the life of Ignatius Ogilvy, the man who once usurped his empire. Bane agrees, but Penguin has more to offer him. He warns that the Arkhamites have already broken in to Blackgate in Bane's absence with intent to steal the Talons away. Angrily, Bane leaves to deal with it, and, alone, Cobblepot yanks open the door of the food truck, and proposes another deal to Gordon and Pierce for the perfect opportunity to save the staff at Blackgate from its rioting prisoners.

That night, as the inmates of Arkham war with those of Blackgate, Gordon and Pierce sneak into the prison and find the interim warden, Agatha Zorbatos bound and left unguarded. She explains that most - if not all - of her staff were murdered. Jim must admit that while it is regrettable, they will have to leave immediately without taking care to find any other survivors, if they want to survive.

Meanwhile, the Scarecrow has allied the Arkhamites with the Man-Bats in order to steal away the Talons from Blackgate. Worriedly, he hopes they can get the pods all away before the Talons inside wake up from suspended animation - or before Bane returns from his visit with the Penguin. Alas, he is too late for the latter, and finds himself trapped under Bane's boot, begging for help from Langstrom, who refuses to provide, warning that the Talons take priority. Bane, though, yanks the Talon from the straps on Langstrom's back, knocking the scientist unconscious, and declaring that this Talon will be his - and he will deal with Crane and Langstrom later.

Gordon and Pierce manage to usher Zorbatos to an ancient police cruiser, admitting that it is one of the last working pieces of machinery in the city, thanks to its lack of computerized components. Agatha, though, is worried for her assistant Donald, who was taken alive. As they drive, the car comes to a sudden stop as Bane stands in front of it, holding Donald in his arms. With a sinister tone, he warns that he can work the angles as well as Penguin, and leaves Donald with the police, and walks away. Despite the boon, Jim is convinced this is bad news.

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