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"Homecoming": After attending the meeting of the Secret Society, Captain Cold and the Rogues decided that they were not interested in ruling the world, as the [[Crime Syndicate (Earth

Quote1.png No -- The Rogues don't "join." Our powers were never about superhero and supervillain crap... we're about the score. Quote2.png
Captain Cold

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #1 is an issue of the series Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2013. It was published on October 16, 2013.

Synopsis for "Homecoming"

After attending the meeting of the Secret Society, Captain Cold and the Rogues decided that they were not interested in ruling the world, as the Crime Syndicate seemed to be. Now, they have returned to Central City to find that it has been rendered a wasteland, and the Rogues are not happy.

They had only been gone a few hours, and in the interim, the city was destroyed, the sun was blocked out, and typically powerful villains like Girder were murdered by some stronger force. It doesn't take Len long to see that the cause of this carnage was Grodd.[1] Trickster is worried about their chances, and suggests that they'd be better off joining the Syndicate's society, but Leonard reminds that the Rogues are only about the score - and for the moment, their greatest concern should be figuring out whether his sister Lisa, the Golden Glider, is alright.

Creating an iceberg with a reflective surface so that they can travel to the hospital through the Mirror World, they are distracted from leaving when Heat Wave notices that several of Central City's finest have been chained to trees around the city. Approaching Captain Frye, Leonard asks whether this was all Grodd's doing. Frye confirms it, coldly daring the Rogues to finish the job and kill them. Frye explains that Grodd and his gorillas must have got bored with killing everyone and left for Gorilla City. The gorillas had warned that more villains would be back to finish the job of destroying the city, and he assumes that means the Rogues. The fact that his team are perceived as killers angers Leonard, and he orders the Rogues to help him free all of the policemen. Though they are reluctant at first, Captain Cold is in charge, and they do as told. With Frye freed, Leonard asks whether there is any news of the hospital's condition. Despite the rescue, David Singh grabs a gun from the ground and attempts to arrest the Rogues, only to find himself ordered by Frye to drop his weapon, and threatened with death by Heat Wave. Reluctantly, Singh drops his weapon.

With news that he hospital is, at least, still standing, the Rogues immobilize the rioters outside, and force their way into Lisa's room. Unfortunately, there is no indication that she's going to come out of her coma any time soon. Nervously, Sam Scudder asks Len what they're supposed to do, and he must admit that he doesn't know.

The visit is interrupted by a shouting from outside, as members of the Secret Society call out with a message from the Crime Syndicate. The Syndicate wants to make an example of Central City, starting with the hospital. Angrily, Leonard orders the Rogues to attack, warning that they will not allow the Syndicate's plans to come true. The Rogues hold their own, but soon the Syndicate sends Power Ring and Deathstorm to punish the Rogues for openly defying them. The penalty for which is death.

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