"Shattered": In Central City, the Rogues have run afoul of the Crime Syndicate's Deathstorm and Power Ring for failing to further the destruction of the city in [[Grodd II (Prime Ear

Quote1 But murdering a million civilians, like Deathstorm here is ordering us to do, just to make a point? That's cold. Quote2
Captain Cold

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #2 is an issue of the series Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2014. It was published on November 20, 2013.

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Synopsis for "Shattered"

In Central City, the Rogues have run afoul of the Crime Syndicate's Deathstorm and Power Ring for failing to further the destruction of the city in Grodd's wake. Given that the Rogues actually care about their city, and that one of their own is struggling to survive in one of Central City's hospitals, they never intended to follow those orders. Murdering millions of people was never on the table.

With the tension high, given the Rogues' resistance, Power Ring's cowardice turns to paranoia, and he attacks them, forcing them to use what power they have to protect themselves. Unfortunately, Deathstorm's power allows him to see that that the Rogues' DNA has been entwined with their old weapons, and untangle them. Separating Captain Cold from his Cold Gun results in the loss of his powers. Worried for their own powers, the other Rogues hurry Len to a reflecting mirror, and secret him away in the Mirror World - except Power Ring smashes the window, as they enter it. As a result, the Rogues are thrown in all directions from mirrored surfaces across the city.

Fortunately, Mirror Master lands safely, and close enough to Heat Wave and Trickster to save them from falling to their deaths. As he attempts to pull them up from a dangerous window ledge, though, Mick's desperation causes his powers to flare up, and the heat forces Sam to release him, sending both Rogues falling. Luckily, Weather Wizard is nearby, and sweeps them up in a small cyclone. While they determine that they have all landed in Metropolis, the bad news is that they have been separated from Captain Cold. While Sam's powers are not working properly, obviously, he is still able to communicate with Leonard through the reflections, and he can see what lies around him. Sam spots Lex Luthor and his Superman clone nearby, and Len decides to try to appeal to their mutual interests, leaving the Rogues to get back to Central City and protect his sister Lisa. She must be their number one priority.

The communique is interrupted by a sudden arrow piercing Axel's toe, and a call to surrender from a man in a red hoodie calling himself the Archer. Cheerfully, he announces that they are his Golden Ticket. Curious, but Unimpressed, the Rogues knock him unconscious. From nearby, a voice warns that when the Archer had said "golden ticket" he had meant that they had angered some very powerful people, and their capture would mean reward. The voice is that of Parasite, who has been ordered by the Syndicate to kill them. Though they aren't powerful enough to satisfy his hunger, they will get him closer to Ultraman - his goal. Axel's big mouth earns him a seat in the Mirror World's penalty box, while the others do their best to defend themselves, but every use of their powers only serves to feed Parasite. Despite his worries about his powers, Sam determines that they're better off in the Mirror World than facing the creature.

As before, the Rogues are spit out of the Mirror World and launched into Gotham City, where they land, unceremoniously, in Robinson Park. Before long, they are captive to the Park's queen, Poison Ivy.



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