"Dark Night": The Rogues have unexpectedly arrived in Gotham City from the Mirror World, and are now trapped in the vines of Poison Ivy, having landed in Robinson Park. Despite all of the horrors that he and his companions have

Quote1 So you won't put your neck on the line for anyone else? That's not the Rogues' way, man. Quote2
Mirror Master

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #3 is an issue of the series Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2014. It was published on December 18, 2013.

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Synopsis for "Dark Night"

The Rogues have unexpectedly arrived in Gotham City from the Mirror World, and are now trapped in the vines of Poison Ivy, having landed in Robinson Park. Despite all of the horrors that he and his companions have seen since the arrival of the Crime Syndicate, all Mirror Master can think of is an inspirational photo that he and Lisa Snart had seen on the day they applied for their marriage license. The photo had said that there are two ways of spreading the light - by being the candle or by being the mirror that reflects it. Sam had always been happy to reflect, but with both of the Snart siblings conspicuously absent, there isn't much light to reflect, in terms of leadership.

Poison Ivy recognizes Sam and company as the Rogues of Central City, and their decision to rebel against the Syndicate and the consequent bounty on their heads are also known to her. However, she has no interest in the bounty. She wishes to use their abilities. Annoyed at being held captive, Heat Wave threatens to burn down the whole garden, but Ivy is quick to squeeze that idea from him. Trying a different tactic, The Trickster attempts to reason with Ivy, making no secret of his attraction to her. Feigning responsiveness, Ivy kisses him, poisoning him in the process. Ivy explains that he will die if they do not help her. All she wants is for Weather Wizard to make the sun shine so that the flowers in her garden will grow. Since Ultraman blocked out the sun with an eclipse, the sun has not shone on Gotham. Unfortunately, Weather Wizard can't control that, but Sam has an idea.

In order to bring his plan to fruition, Sam and Mick split off from the others to find a Wayne Tech Fabricators warehouse. He hopes that with the parts they find there, he will be able to rebuild his Mirror Gun. With it, he can project a series of mirrors that will reflect the sun's light down to the garden, even if he can't move the moon. He is made uncomfortable when Mick comments that he will follow his leadership. Sam had not thought of himself as a leader.

The pair are surprised when they see a young, pale woman wandering the street alone, with two little girls. From around a corner, Sam and Mick watch with nervousness as two thugs approach the woman, and wonder if they should intervene. When the woman suddenly turns, and the little girls turn out to be ultraviolent ventriloquist dummies Sam decides that they should just run away.

Meanwhile, Weather Wizard is experiencing a depression to match the rain that he has conjured for Ivy. Naturally, he doesn't trust her, and it shows. The only woman he had ever trusted killed his brother Claudio. He doesn't believe in honour among thieves - which makes his membership in the Rogues unusual.

Mick warns Sam that the world they now live in is too dangerous to be so naive as to stick his neck out for a stranger. In fact, he isn't too sold on the idea of helping Axel. Uneasily, Sam reminds that not putting their necks on the line for anybody is not the Rogues' way. Mick points out that the Rogues have never been dropped into the middle of the Apocalypse before. Times have changed.

Having found the Wayne Tech warehouse, they begin collecting the parts Sam needs, but some clumsiness on someone's part causes a ladder to fall with a loud noise. Sam worries that they will draw attention to themselves by it, and suggests they hurry away with what they need. Unfortunately, they are too late. The Man-Bats have found them. Mick's instinctive use of fire to protect himself means that stealth is out of the question, so Sam seeks another escape method. He notices that the warehouse is full of reflective surfaces and lures the Man-Bats toward them, trapping them in the Mirror World. Mick fares less well, and is injured, but Sam returns in time to rescue him. He reminds again that it is not the Rogues' way to leave a partner behind. Grmubling, Mick responds that he would have left Sam behind. Smirking, Sam doubts it.

Returning to Ivy, Sam ensures that she cures Axel before he helps her. With that done, he protects himself against the Mirror World's tendency to spit him out in random locations by wrapping vines around himself, and works his way toward building the array of mirrors required to bounce light back to Gotham. The vine snaps, however, and rather than let him be lost to the Mirror World's whims, Axel leaps in after him, to pull him out.

Angrily, Ivy points out that the deal was for her to let them go after she got what she wanted - and Mirror Master has failed her. Before anyone can respond, a Man-Bat swoops down and attacks Weather Wizard. Mick, enraged, warns that if Ivy tries to come after them, he will burn her garden to the ground, while the others chase after the Man-Bat and Marco.

Unexpectedly, the Man-Bat crashes into a solid wall of ice, and hopefully, the Rogues wonder if this means that Captain Cold has found his way back to them. This is not the case, unfortunately, and the Rogues must now contend with Mister Freeze.


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