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"Escape from Gotham": In Atlantic City, news of the Rogues' escape from Metropolis reaches the Royal Flush Gang, who hope to find them and garner favor with the Crime Syndicate. While the Rogues

Quote1.png We have to go, Axel. He did this for us. If we go back for him, none of us get out alive. Quote2.png
Mirror Master

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #4 is an issue of the series Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2014. It was published on January 15, 2014.

Synopsis for "Escape from Gotham"

In Atlantic City, news of the Rogues' escape from Metropolis reaches the Royal Flush Gang, who hope to find them and garner favor with the Crime Syndicate. While the Rogues did disappear, there are rumors of their next destination, and the Royal Flush Gang intends to follow up.

The Rogues, meanwhile, have just appeared in Gotham City, where the inmates of Arkham Asylum have carved out fiefdoms for themselves. Weather Wizard is injured, and Mister Freeze - who has the Rogues at freeze-gunpoint, needs his help. He hopes that Weather Wizard can create the optimal conditions for his freezing abilities so as to annihilate those who would lay claim to the city. Sternly, Mirror Master refuses to help, despite his having no particular attachment to Gotham. The Rogues are nobody's pawns. When Freeze warns that they have no choice, Heatwave counters with fire. This triggers a battle between Heatwave, Freeze, and his ally Clayface, while Mirror Master uses his mirror gun to sneak Mirror Master out of sight.

Trickster, meanwhile, wakes up in the middle of a police impound lot, confused. After clumsily falling onto his back, he looks up to see a hooded man who claims that he is interested in being a friend. He says he can find a way for Axel to get off the island - if he'll take him with him. The man shows Axel to an Arkham paddy wagon, and Axel peers under the hood, hoping to get it working again. While his back is turned, though, the hooded man reveals himself to be Victor Zsasz, who is intent on killing him. Instinctively, Axel activates his shoe-thrusters, knocking Zsasz back in the afterburn. Fortunately, Axel had seen plenty of pictures of Zsasz' distinctive scars on social media sites - so he wasn't fooled.

Despite Mick's superior firepower, he soon finds himself at Clayface's mercy, and Freeze warns Mirror Master that if he doesn't turn over Weather Wizard, he will kill Heatwave. Sadly, Sam surrenders, only to be frozen in Mister Freeze's ice. Fortunately, though, Marco has wakened, and he blasts Freeze and Clayface back with a heavy wind. With three against two, the Rogues feel they're at an advantage, until Black Mask and his gang interrupt - also intent on turning the Rogues over to the Syndicate. Annoyed, Mick suggests the gang and the Arkhamites fight it out amongst each other, and let the winners take them on, round robin style. Naturally, Black Mask refuses, and everyone is soon fighting each other. All the while, Sam thinks back to Lisa Snart - his girlfriend - who is still trapped in a coma in Central City. And no matter how hard the Rogues try, they can't seem to catch a break and get back to her.

He is pleased, though, to see Axel arriving in the paddy wagon, ready to help the Rogues make an escape. Unfortunately, the assembled villains grab onto the van, and it seems they won't get away. Annoyed, Mick decides to take it upon himself to take out their attackers single-handedly, first warning that his sacrifice does not mean that he agrees with Sam that the Rogues are out for each other, and not just themselves. Mick's blast of fire burns the gang, allowing the van the opportunity to drive off. It isn't until they are safely away that Sam realizes Mick isn't with them anymore - and if they go back, none of them will make it out alive.

Unfortunately, they have a flock of Man-Bats homing in on them, and they are forced to keep driving toward a bridge that is out. Axel assures them that he can get them across the gap, and opens the back doors, shoving his feet out. He activates his shoe-thrusters again, rocketing the truck across the void. At the pinnacle of their arc, Weather Wizard opens a sail that carries them the rest of the way, safely landing on the other side of the bridge.

Still unable to catch a break, though, the Rogues are cornered once again - this time, by the Royal Flush Gang. What's worse, though, is that they've kidnapped Lisa, and are holding her hostage.

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