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"Fastest Psychopath Alive": Trickster is not pleased with his companions' decisions to give themselves over to the Royal Flush Gang. Mirror Master explains that they did it because their captors cla

Quote1.png The Rogues are finished, Axel... and I'm not going down with the ship. We're better off on our own. Quote2.png
Weather Wizard

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #5 is an issue of the series Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2014. It was published on February 12, 2014.

Synopsis for "Fastest Psychopath Alive"

Trickster is not pleased with his companions' decisions to give themselves over to the Royal Flush Gang. Mirror Master explains that they did it because their captors claimed to have his girlfriend, the comatose Lisa Snart, captive. Axel reminds that regardless of whether they have Lisa, if the Rogues are turned over to the Crime Syndicate, they'll be killed. Weather Wizard, meanwhile has grown impatient, and blasts a hole through the cabin of the truck carrying them, sending it through the guardrail, and the van rolling down the side of a hill.

Though they are unhurt, Sam is enraged to have lost his chance to get Lisa back from them, attacking Marco. As Axel attempts to pull them apart, Marco clubs Sam over the head with a rock, warning that while he may have sealed Lisa's fate, her brother Leonard sealed their fates when he turned down the Syndicate. Heat Wave was already killed, Lisa's in a coma, and they've lost track of Captain Cold. The Rogues are finished, as far as Marco is concerned, and he decides that he's not going to be a part of it anymore, leaving Sam and Axel on their own.

Desperately, Sam devises a risky plan, returning with Axel to Central City. Using his Mirror Gun, he creates illusions of Heat Wave and Weather Wizard, and approaches the hospital where Lisa's life is on the line, guarded by the Royal Flush Gang. Bravely, Sam approaches the gang's leader, demanding Lisa back. He explains that while the Syndicate will surely catch up with them soon, their best bet is to ensure that Lisa is going to be safe, and exchange their lives for hers. The Ace of Spades accuses them of bluffing, unloading a shotgun into Sam, who shatters - having himself being a mirror construct. This causes a firefight, as the Royal Flush Gang shatters all the other constructs. While they're distracted, the real Sam drives the armored van, speeding toward them, with a mirror attached to the grill. Each one he mows down ends up trapped in the Mirror World.

The truth is, Sam never intended to make a deal for Lisa's life with the Royal Flush Gang. He made that deal with the Central City Police Department instead. While Sam is driving like a madman, Axel retrieves Lisa from her hospital bed, and passes her off to the Pied Piper, who promises to keep her safe. Then, he leads the police in an attack against the Royal Flush Gang. Unfortunately, the firefight draws the attention of a certain speedster.

Soon, Johnny Quick and Atomica are back in Central City, springing an attack on the Rogues, and soon, they've cornered Sam and Axel. Grinning, they explain that on their world, Sam Scudder and what this world calls the Rogues are police - and they hate police. As they begin beating the pair up, a message interrupts them from Grid, who warns that they have been called back to the Watchtower. Annoyed, Johnny Quick insists that they won't leave until they've finished killing the Rogues.

Sam stands, warning that unlike them, he would die for love. Naturally, they decide that he should die first. Before they can do anything, two bolts of lightning scream through the sky and fill their bodies with thousands of amps of electricity. It is the work of the Weather Wizard, whose change of heart has saved his friends' lives. Using winter's cold, he freezes Johnny Quick to absolute zero, stopping him in his tracks. Unfortunately, one of the Royal Flush Gang's snipers grazes Marco's head with a bullet, knocking him to the ground. Angrily, Johnny Quick demands revenge; Weather Wizard was his to kill. Again, Grid calls to Johnny Quick and Atomica back, giving them no more time, and teleporting them away instantly. He promises other means will be sent to deal with the Rogues.

As Sam and Axel rush to Marco's side, and discover that the wound wasn't fatal, they are given only moments before the Grid teleports in the other means he had mentioned - Grodd, and some of the Secret Society's worst.

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