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"Forever Rogues": Pied Piper has been tasked by the Rogues with watching over their comatose leader Lisa Snart while they fight to take back the Gem Cities from Grodd and the [[Sec

Quote1.png The Crime Syndicate promised us a world of "Forever Evil"... But who the hell wants that garbage?! Not the Rogues. Quote2.png
Mirror Master

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #6 is an issue of the series Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2014. It was published on March 26, 2014.

Synopsis for "Forever Rogues"

Pied Piper has been tasked by the Rogues with watching over their comatose leader Lisa Snart while they fight to take back the Gem Cities from Grodd and the Secret Society. He recalls how he had never really felt like he was one of the Rogues. At first, he had attributed it to his sexuality, but when he finally came out, and they didn't seem to care, he realized that his real issue with them was that his heart wasn't in the world of crime. Instead, he became a vigilante, and started dating David Singh - a cop. Now, David is out there with the Rogues, and Hartley can't help but think that he would be more use to Lisa making sure that there are still Rogues to wake up to when she does wake up, than sitting here watching her sleep.

He finds the Rogues outnumbered, and despite their annoyance at his decision to ditch Lisa, he offers them help by charging up Parasite with the energy from his hypersonic flute, and then using the music of his flute to control the creature's mind, and set it to attacking Grodd instead of the Rogues. Even so, they all soon find themselves surrounded by the Society's cronies, and, sure that he may die soon, Mirror Master hopes that when the Crime Syndicate goes down, the records will show that the Rogues wanted no part of their crazy plans. Sadly, he wishes goodbyes to Lisa, the love of his life, just as the sound of the Piper's flute makes its way to her.

When the Society begins closing in on them, the Rogues are surprised to find themselves yanked out of the fray by the golden tendrils of the Glider. Something in the sound of Hartley's music woke her from her coma, and brought her back. With a moment of safety, she reunites with Sam, finally, and wonders if her companions have enough fight in them for another round. Her plan involves a massive mirror, created by Sam's Mirror Gun. He is worried, though, because he doesn't have control over the Mirror World anymore. She suggests that it's all just nerves, and if he can believe in himself as much as she believes in him, he'll be able to pull anything off.

With the mirror in place, Weather Wizard blasts the Society thugs into the Mirror World with the force of a hurricane, while Lisa keeps the Rogues safe by making them intangible. Once all of their enemies have been thrown into the Mirror World, Trickster smashes the glass with a rocket punch. Even though it doesn't quite feel like winning, the Rogues are safe, and happily, Sam and Lisa share a kiss.

Soon, the people and police of Central City begin filtering out of their hiding places to thank the Rogues for their efforts. Sam reminds that it is their city too. Still, their victory is marred somewhat by the absence of their friends Heatwave and Lisa's brother, Captain Cold. Silently, Sam promises that if Lenny ever needs their help, all he has to do is call. The Rogues are, and have always been a family.

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