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"Hit and Run": Power Ring is terrified, as Sinestro chases him through the sewers of Gotham City. Not far from there, Lex Luthor and his band of rebels against the [[Crime Syndicate (Earth 3)|Crim

Quote1 I'm not a Green anything! I'm Power Ring and I'm tired of being pushed around. Quote2
Harold Jordan

Forever Evil #5 is an issue of the series Forever Evil (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2014. It was published on January 5, 2014.

Synopsis for "Hit and Run"

Power Ring is terrified, as Sinestro chases him through the sewers of Gotham City. Not far from there, Lex Luthor and his band of rebels against the Crime Syndicate were recently interrupted in their attempt to rob a Wayne Enterprises storage facility by a faction of the Secret Society, led by Deathstroke, not to mention by Batman and Catwoman as well. Luthor's rebellion has put him in the spotlight, and Batman's presence there proves that he was right not to trust the Syndicate's claims.

Power Ring, meanwhile, realizes that his ring needs recharging, and the thought of it frightens him, because charging it causes him pain. Even so, the ring goads him, explaining that if he can defeat someone as powerful as Sinestro, he could finally make a name for himself as something more than a coward. All Harold Jordan has to do to defeat Sinestro is wish it of the ring. Rallying, Power Ring announces that he is tired of being afraid, and lashes out at the Korugaran.

Luthor and his companions battle the Society's cronies, all while trying to prove themselves to the Batman as - for the moment - being allied in the same cause. Though they are successful in the first aspect, Batman remains skeptical, and things come to a halt when Deathstroke gets his gun to Luthor's head. Grimly, Luthor warns that if he dies, nothing will stop the Syndicate. Deathstroke replies that that's the idea. Luthor points out that the world of the Syndicate is a world where everyone is mercenary. Assassins like Slade Wilson will lose business as a result. Realizing that Luthor is right, Deathstroke quickly swaps sides.

Despite Power Ring's initial bravado, Sinestro immediately senses the fear underlying the man's every move, and gets the better of him. Tiring quickly of the resistance, Sinestro severs the man's arm from his body, along with his ring, cutting it off the parasite from its host. Though he is in great pain, Harold Jordan finally feels peace, with the ring gone. Gratefully, he thanks Sinestro, only to be disintegrated by yellow energy. The ring, meanwhile, seeks a new host.

At the Batcave, Ultraman and Superwoman search desperately for Batman's Kryptonite Ring, but they find it missing. Owlman, who was already there, searching for answers as to why Batman would dedicate his life to the death of his parents, explains that Batman and Catwoman have already been and gone with the ring. He correctly assumes that the ring is the last piece of Kryptonite on the planet, which is why Ultraman has forced Deathstorm to research ways to transmute the substance for him. The high-tension exchange is interrupted by Grid, who reports of Power Ring's death. He warns that the ring's search for a new host has sent out a signal across the multiverse, drawing unwanted attention. Worriedly, Ultraman calls for the Syndicate to regroup in anticipation of the coming threat.

With the Society's criminals either defeated or joined with him, Luthor explains his intent to see the Crime Syndicate eradicated, and Batman warns that he wants them taken alive. Sinestro appears, warning that it's too late to take them prisoner. He has already killed Power Ring. In the meantime, he suggests that if Batman is ever to use a Yellow Power Ring again, he should succumb to it, and allow himself to become a Yellow Lantern. Seeing an opportunity, Luthor suggests that Sinestro join them in defending against the Syndicate's attack - after all, Green Lantern is absent. Sinestro explains that Jordan is busy trying to lead the Green Lantern Corps with deplorable democracy. He does not approve. Luthor points out that Sinestro is a born leader, and as such, it would certainly be a lesson to Green Lantern to know that it was Sinestro who helped save his planet. Batman jumps in to remind that they must save Nightwing first, and announces that he must be in charge, if they're going to work together. Imposingly, Luthor's followers simply stare him down, and Catwoman suggests that Batman relent.

Off the coast of York, Maine, the Syndicate stares out over the sea, and realizes with consternation that the creature that destroyed their world has found them again.

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  • Although Power Ring's ring seeks a new host it can still be seen on his finger in the next panel.

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