The Forever People are a team of young New Gods.


The Forever People came to Earth searching for the Newgenisphere and other technology stolen from New Genesis. Originally believing Superboy was the thief, they eventually discovered that the true thieves were Intergang. Alongside Superboy and Wolf They fought Intergang who was using technology from both New Genesis and Apokolips to rob the Metropolis Federal Reserve. After capturing and interrogating Whisper A'Daire, they tracked a large cache of Apokoliptan technology to an airfield that was being used as a cover for Intergang and Desaad. After a brief skirmish, the Forever People used Motherbox to transform into Infinity-Man, but they were corrupted by Desaad's Fatherbox. After Sphere revealed her ability to cleanse Infinity Man, The Forever People and Superboy finally had the upper hand. Desaad quickly returned to Apokolips via Boom Tube and Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim, Intergang's leader, was captured. Shortly after, The Forever People let Superboy keep Sphere and returned to New Genesis.


Equipment: Motherbox

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