Five New Gods joined the mission to help mankind evolve toward something more God-like. Big Bear lead their mission, and tried to help Dreamer Beautiful, Moonrider, Serafina and Vykin Baldaur find some measure of acceptance on Earth. They were the Forever People.


The Infinity Man

Together with Vykin's temperamental Mother Box, they manifest the Infinity Man in times of trouble by chanting "TAARU". They first call upon him when Darkseid had corrupted Big Bear's farm project, the Feast of Eden. Infinity Man defeated an army of Parademons lead by Mantis.[1] But the Infinity Man offered to help Mantis himself, and made it clear that he was not on the side of New Genesis. The Forever People were left a recording by the Infinity Man -- he was on the side of balance -- too often Apokolips and the New Gods had interfered with other races, and it had to stop.[2]

Green Lantern: Godhead

That choice to interfere or not was taken out of their hands when the Godhead war left the Forever People cut-off and battling Red Lantern Guy Gardner,[3] who had tracked them from Qurac where he'd just suffered a hard loss in a battle with Highfather's divine soldier Malhedron[4]. Once Guy Gardner was taken out of the equation, cooler heads prevailed. Green Lantern B'dg came to understand the Forever People's mission, and left them in peace.[5]

As the Forever People came to understand their connection with the Infinity Man; the Infinity Man came to them and demonstrated his cosmic importance. And the Forever People had to bare this secret knowledge, only shared with fellow New God Himon.[6]






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